FCC Data Suggests More Obama Ads on '2 Broke Girls,' More Republican Ads During Olympics

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THR has learned that the studio is preparing to shop lucrative rights to two hit CBS comedies: "Mike & Molly" beginning in 2014 and "2 Broke Girls" the following year.

During which TV shows are viewers most likely to encounter ads paid for by Mitt Romney? And which programs are inundated with President Obama's ads?

An analysis by Yahoo News' Chris Wilson into filings made to the Federal Communications Commision by TV stations has some interesting findings about which shows are more likely to feature Republican or Democrat ads.

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"I analyzed the raw text of 14,000 of these filings and extracted about 50,000 individual records of a campaign, super PAC or party committee purchasing advertising time on a specific show," Wilson writes. His analysis, which was published as an interactive chart, features "86 shows that came up at least 25 times" in the filings he dug into. 

So, where are viewers likely to see Obama ads? The CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls heavily leaned toward the Democrats (the Obama campaign, Democratic committees and outside Democratic groups are all grouped together) in Wilson's analysis. By contrast, the Olympics saw a large amount of Republican ads airing (by Mitt Romney's campaign, committees and outside groups), Yahoo finds.

Wilson cautions that his analysis is unscientific, but that it gives "us some sense of when and where campaigns and outside spending groups are spending their cash."

A scroll through the Yahoo! News chart finds that other shows that leaned toward more Democrat ad airings included Judge Joe BrownJimmy KimmelBig BrotherHouse, Seinfeld and Family Feud.

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Aside from the Olympics,The Andy Griffith Show was the second-most Republican leaning, according to Wilson. Other shows that appear to lean slightly towards GOP in the sample analysis include CBS's Face the Nation, ABC World News Tonight, Meet the Press and Wheel of Fortune