'TV's Top 5' Podcast: Oscars Preview, Marvel Cancellations Decoded

The Punisher Season 2 -Jon Bernthal- Netflix Publicity-EMBED 1- 2019
Courtesy of Netflix

Welcome back to TV's Top 5, The Hollywood Reporter's TV podcast.

In every episode, the weekly podcast — hosted by THR's West Coast TV editor, Lesley Goldberg (that's me!), and chief TV critic, Daniel Fienberg — will feature five topics that are top of mind in the TV industry and go inside the latest headlines, as well as provide a critical guide of what to watch (or skip, as the case may be).

This week's five topics are:

1. Oscars show preview. THR's Awards Chatter host and senior awards analyst Scott Feinberg joins the show this week to break down what to expect from ABC's telecast, which will air without a host (sorry, not sorry, Kevin Hart) and, instead, feature a slew of presenters (Barbra Streisand, Serena Williams) and musical performers, including Queen. However, the road to the telecast has not been a smooth one, as Feinberg explains the many speed bumps the TV Academy has endured — plus, who should be blamed for the behind-the-scenes mess? The conversation starts at the 28-second mark.

2. Academy Awards predictions. Feinberg offers his picks for best picture and other top races to watch. Will Black Panther win? Is the love for A Star Is Born fading? Will Netflix take home its first best picture win? Get your Oscar ballots out, the predictions begin at the 11:54-mark.

3. Netflix's Marvel cancellations, decoded. Sorry, Eminem, The Punisher (and Jessica Jones) are both DOA at Netflix. Why? Lots of reasons: Ownership, friction between Disney and Netflix, friction between Marvel and Netflix and, maybe, because shows including Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist may not have been what Netflix thought it was buying. The analysis begins at the 22:16-mark.

4. Grey's Anatomy makes TV history. On Feb. 28, the ABC Shondaland series will break ER's record as TV's longest-running primetime scripted medical drama series ever, with a whopping 332 episodes. Yes, it's still on — and if you don't know that, you don't understand the business of television. The series, worth an estimated $4 billion — yes, billion —shows no signs of slowing down. So, what's behind the creative resurgence? What should viewers expect from the episode? Can former viewers check back in for this episode without being caught up? The breakdown begins at the 31:38-mark.

5. Critic's Corner. As always, every episode ends with Daniel Fienberg offering his critical thoughts about what to watch (or skip). This week, Fienberg weighs in on FX's Better Things, ABC's Whiskey Cavalier and NBC's The Enemy Within. Tune in starting at the 29:51-mark.

[Editor's note: Due to the evolving nature of the Jussie Smollett case, that story was not a topic this week.]

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