'TV's Top 5' Podcast: Why 'Breaking Bad' Will be on Netflix (But 'Friends' Won't)

Breaking Bad-Publicity Still 3-H 2019
Ursula Coyote/AMC

Welcome back to TV's Top 5, The Hollywood Reporter's TV podcast.

In every episode, the weekly podcast — hosted by THR's West Coast TV editor Lesley Goldberg (that's me!) and chief TV critic Daniel Fienberg — will feature five topics that are top of mind in the TV industry and go inside the latest headlines, as well as provide a critical guide of what to watch (or skip, as the case may be).

This week's five topics are:

1. The return of Breaking Bad. Creator Vince Gilligan is plotting a feature film sequel with star Aaron Paul and the former AMC drama will air first on … Netflix?! That's right, the streamer, sources say, is paying a greater portion of the bill for the top-secret follow-up. Plus the suite of cable networks within the AMC Networks fold — AMC, BBC America and Sundance TV — are starting to create some real synergy and give bigger platforms for favorites Killing Eve and A Discovery of Witches. The conversation starts at the 40-second mark.

2. Friends will likely have a limited future on Netflix. Why? "It's not a good model to share," WarnerMedia boss Kevin Reilly said of the company's "crown jewels" like Friends. With that unwillingness to share key assets, Friends and likely other hits from Warner Bros. (Shameless?) will likely move to the upcoming WarnerMedia streaming platform. And the same will likely be true for The Office once Comcast's streaming platform is up and running. The dialogue starts at the nine-minute mark.

3. Hulu is making moves. Four animated Marvel shows. New dramas starring Abigail Spencer and Elle Fanning. But there's one move — a delay, really — that's interesting: Hulu's decision to move the third season of former Emmy winner The Handmaid's Tale back from its standard launch in April to June. Why does a two-month delay matter? The Handmaid's Tale is now no longer airing in the Emmy eligibility window. And the Hulu drama is one of many that is clearing a path for HBO's Game of Thrones to take home Emmy gold for its upcoming final season. The analysis starts at the 15-minute mark.

4. What is going on at Starz? Critical darling Counterpart, starring J.K. Simmons, was canceled after its initial two-season order. Why? Ownership. Now that Starz has new parent Lionsgate, the latter will likely be doing the same thing other broadcast, cable and streaming outlets are: focusing on ownership now that CEO Chris Albrecht is no longer calling the shots. The deep dive starts at the 19:49 mark.

5. Critic's Corner. As always, every episode ends with Fienberg offering his critical thoughts about what to watch (or skip). This week, Fienberg — who has three weeks of DVR to catch up on now that TCA (and Sundance!) are over — weighs in on Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, Lorena, Proven Innocent and more. Tune in starting at the 26:12 mark.

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