'Twin Peaks': 7 Guesses About Agent Cooper's Old Friend

Twin Peaks Still Nicole LaLiberte and Kyle MacLachlan - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Showtime

[Warning: This story contains spoilers through the first four episodes of Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return.]

There's something wrong with Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), or whatever you want to call the shaggy-haired man wearing the coffee-loving agent's face.

The fourth episode of the new Twin Peaks ends with agents Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Albert Rosenfield (the late Miguel Ferrer) agreeing on that assessment, having met the evil Cooper doppelgänger in prison, and walking away from the encounter with one unsettling conclusion: This is a Blue Rose case — "as blue as it gets," according to Cole — and the friend they have not seen in more than two decades is very likely not their friend at all.

Earlier in the episode, it's made clear that the two versions of Agent Cooper that are still in play (RIP Dougie Jones) are on a collision course with one another; much like Highlander, there can be only one, all but guaranteeing a true face-off somewhere down the line. But before they can start worrying about how to dismantle the Coopergänger situation, Gordon and Albert want to get one last set of eyes on the Twin Peaks protagonist.

"I don't know where she lives," says Albert. "But I know where she drinks."

It's a heck of a tease for what was already a heck of a weird two hours of television, and it's one viewers are left to chew on until at least the premiere of Part 5. So, let the chewing commence: Here are a few guesses at this mysterious "she" Albert mentions.

1. Annie Blackburn

"How's Annie?," you ask? Perhaps Twin Peaks is about to deliver the long-awaited answer to the original run's final cliffhanger. In the last scene of the first series, a Killer BOB-fueled Cooper smashes his head into a mirror and repeatedly shouts the jarring two-word question, making it clear that our hero is no longer a hero. While Heather Graham has not been announced as part of the Twin Peaks cast, it's not out of the question that she's going to make a surprise return to the revival, as she was the last known person to see Cooper before he got "bobbed."

2. Audrey Horne

Whatever happened to Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), the Great Northern heiress last seen in an exploding bank? She's part of the cast list for Twin Peaks: The Return, so she's definitely still kicking around. One theory posits that Audrey is the person responsible for the great glass box in New York City. What are the odds that she's also the foremost expert on all things Cooper?

3. Diane

The greatest unseen character in Twin Peaks history so far, Diane was Cooper's off-screen confidant, the woman he would record messages for all through the original run. It's a safe bet that we'll at least hear the name "Diane" again when the real Agent Cooper regains his senses, but perhaps she'll even appear sooner than that, if Albert believes she's the best person to weigh in on whether something's wrong with their mutual old friend.

4. Laura Dern

Stemming from the Diane theory, it is not yet known who is playing the character in the new Twin Peaks. But here's a popular pick: Laura Dern, the Blue Velvet veteran making her Twin Peaks debut with this new series. She's often considered one of Lynch's foremost muses, so it would make sense that she'd be called upon to bring an iconic character like Diane to life. Even if she's not playing Diane, Dern could portray a new character with her own unique perspective on all things Coop.

5. Josie Packard

Okay, probably not happening. After all, she's now part of the walls of the Great Northern, at last check. What's more, Joan Chen was not invited to return for the new Twin Peaks. With that said, she has an idea or two for Josie's comeback, based on the in-character letter she wrote to David Lynch pitching her return to the world of Twin Peaks. Read it in full here, in case you missed it.

6. The Log Lady

Catherine E. Coulson passed away shortly after filming her scenes for the new Twin Peaks, adding tremendous weight to every time she graces the screen. Have viewers seen the last of her on the show, or are there further Log Lady appearances to look forward to? As one of the town's most eccentric residents (and that's saying something), the Log Lady and Cooper were simpatico on numerous occasions during the original run. Indeed, perhaps the "she" Albert's referring to isn't the Log Lady at all, but the log itself. Fans can dream!

7. Sarah Palmer

A dark possibility, but one worth considering. What if Albert and Gordon suspect that there's a little bit of Killer BOB inside of Agent Cooper at the moment? If so, perhaps it makes sense to call in someone who was once closely linked to one of BOB's avatars: Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie), the lone survivor of the nuclear Palmer family, who has likely spent the last several years mulling over the warning signs she missed about her possessed husband Leland (Ray Wise) — when she's not watching lion attacks on television, that is. Who better to weigh in on a potential BOB problem than the woman who was unwittingly married to the killer spirit for so many years?

Who do you think Albert is going to summon for the Cooper case? Sound off with your theories below, and keep checking with THR.com/TwinPeaks for continuing coverage of the series.