'Twin Peaks' Paves the Way for a Cooper vs. Cooper Showdown

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Twin Peaks: The Return

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the third and fourth episodes of Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return.]
Twin Peaks has thrown a wrench into the works that even fans of the David Lynch/Mark Frost-created series could not have expected. While parts one and two of the revival followed the stories of both Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and his evil doppelganger, part three introduced yet another Cooper — this one going by the name of Dougie Jones.
While this third Cooper didn't last long, his impact on where the story may be going can't be overstated enough. When the Red Room came calling for the evil Cooper, his body began to reject a creamed corn-like substance. While he was able to hold it in, Dougie was not so lucky. Instead he vomited up the vile substance and disappeared into thin air, landing in the Red Room.
When the evil Cooper had a vision of this other doppelganger in the Black Lodge, he finally let the vomit come out. It seems that Dougie was created for the purpose of replacing Cooper in the Red Room when the time came.
As he came to terms with what was happening, the Man with One Arm (Al Strobel) tells Dougie, "Someone manufactured you. For a purpose, but I think now that's been fulfilled." Dougie then changed shape, in the end becoming a gold marble that the Man with One Arm takes possession of — along with the Owl Cave ring he had been wearing.
What the one-armed man doesn't explain is who manufactured him, though it should be clear to viewers. Evil Cooper had 25 years to find a way to stay out of the Red Room forever and created a doppelganger to do so. Instead of facing his own personal nightmare once again, he created a life that then built a family, only to have it be snatched away when Dougie was pulled to the Red Room.
In his place is Cooper, free of the Black Lodge but nearly catatonic as he familiarizes himself once again with the real world. While much of Cooper's storyline in parts three and four is played for comedic effect, it is hard not to be excited about where this could all be heading.
For the first time, both Cooper and his evil doppelganger exist in the world. While the special agent may not be himself just yet, perhaps that cup of hot coffee he spit out will help pave the way. When it does, fans must be expecting a showdown between the two Coopers.
After all, one is willing to do anything and kill anyone to avoid returning to the Black Lodge, while the other is bound to have some pent-up aggression given that he's been stuck in that bizarre dimension for over two decades. Should this battle eventually come to pass, it's going to be interesting to see what form it takes.
Given that the evil version of Coop is in South Dakota, while the original is in Nevada, it's going to take some time to bring the two together. When it does, chances are it's going to be on very familiar ground: Twin Peaks.
Thus far, not much of the story has occurred geographically in Twin Peaks. However, as the Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson) explained to Deputy Sheriff Hawk (Michael Horse), the answer to the Cooper mystery is waiting for him in the small Washington town. As the story progresses and more plot threads are tugged on, revealing even more twists and turns, it should be expected that these men will end up back where the story began.
When that happens, as a vision of the Man with One Arm tells Cooper, "One of you must die." While Twin Peaks may be abstract, surreal and incredibly over-the-top most of the time, it all boils down to a battle of good versus evil. The question is who will be victorious.
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