'Twin Peaks': A Dead Character Resurfaces

Is it possible Major Garland Briggs didn't die in season two of 'Twin Peaks'?  That's a question episode five of the revival asks.
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[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the fifth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return.]
The first four episodes of the Twin Peaks revival were very bizarre. However, they also helped set the table for what was to come, reintroducing viewers to the show's wild world and setting up the mysteries for the new season to solve — mainly, what is happening with Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and his evil doppelganger?
With the fifth installment of the 18-episode new season, things got a bit more scattered. While there were no major revelations about what exactly is happening with Cooper after inhabiting Dougie's body, lots of little details about the various stories unfolding were revealed, including exactly why Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) bought all those shovels and painted them gold and a development that could change the fate of a character believed to have died in the original series.
Dougie Loves Coffee
Unfortunately, Cooper is still more or less catatonic after materializing in Dougie's place in episode three. However, he has discovered a love for coffee, which is clearly step one. Slowly but surely the pieces are coming into place. He drinks coffee and hears words like "agent" and recognizes them but thus far it isn't adding up to the return of Cooper. Instead, this episode followed a day at Dougie's job  as an insurance salesman.
While he still doesn't know who he is, Cooper's return to Twin Peaks is growing closer. Jade (Nafessa Williams), the escort Dougie was with when Cooper materialized, found his Great Northern hotel key in her car, dropping it in a mailbox to be sent back to the hotel.
Meanwhile, back at the casino where he won his riches, Jim Belushi made his debut as the man in charge, with Robert Knepper as his enforcer. They make sure the man who was running the floor when Cooper won his jackpot is beaten and fired before the rest of the staff is told to call them the next time Cooper shows up.
Finally, the men trying to find and kill Dougie — and the woman instructing them — are somehow connected to a call box in Argentina. It's unclear exactly what the box does or who it belongs to. However, a bomb the men planted on his car exploded when a group of thugs attempted to steal it.
Is Garland Briggs Alive?
Garland Briggs (Don S. Davis), father of Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), was supposed to have died in a fire in the original run of Twin Peaks. However, it was revealed that the military has encountered his fingerprints 19 times in the past 25 years, with the newest appearance coming from the police in Buckhorn, South Dakota. Given that the actor passed in 2008, something strange is afoot.
The timing is suspicious, given that this episode revisited the headless man found murdered in a woman's bed from several episodes back. After being given an autopsy by a medical examiner, a wedding ring  with an inscription dedicated to Dougie, of all people  was found in his stomach. While the examiner didn't reveal an identity at the moment, could it be that the fingerprints taken from the body match those of Major Garland Briggs? Or is there someone else in the area with his prints? 
Cooper's Doppelganger Finally Makes His Call
Gordon Cole (David Lynch) let the police of Buckhorn know he was very interested in the phone call Cooper's doppelganger would eventually make and in Part 5, he finally made it. Unfortunately, nothing could be understood by the cops, as the doppelganger punches a string of numbers into the phone which causes their computer systems to crash and alarms to go off.
From there, he uttered a single sentence into the phone before hanging up: "The cow jumped over the moon." It's inferred that the call he made was to the same call box that the woman ordering the hit on Dougie was paging. After beeping from the doppelganger's call, it then transformed into what looked like a small rock.
As the episodes roll on, connections between the various stories continue to be made. Thus far though, there's no telling exactly how or why any of them are linked.
Meet Becky
Back in Twin Peaks, a new character was introduced at the diner. Becky Burnett (Amanda Seyfried) arrives to deliver bread and borrows money from Shelly (Madchen Amick), which she then gives to her gross-looking boyfriend Steven (Caleb Landry Jones). After the encounter, Norma (Peggy Lipton) tells Shelly she'll have to stop giving Becky money eventually. It's hard to tell your own child no, though. That's right, Becky is Shelly's daughter. Viewers may remember Shelly saying back in episode two that her daughter was with a guy named Steven and she wasn't happy about it. After meeting him, can you really blame her? For her part, Becky and Steven end up doing cocaine before they leave. 
The question that remains is who is Becky's dad? 
While the main thrust of the new season of Twin Peaks isn't happening in the titular town, these smaller stories feel more human and realistic than anything else happening on the series. As such, they are a welcome addition to the story.
So That's What Those Shovels Are For
In the Twin Peaks revival premiere, Dr. Jacoby had a shipment of shovels delivered to his home with no explanation. He was later seen spray painting them gold, again with no mention of what they would be used for. Now, fans have the answer.
With the advent of the internet, Jacoby has become some kind of internet personality under the name Dr. Amp. With his own video show online, he spouts conspiracy theories and plays sound bites, while many of his fellow Twin Peaks residents watch on their computers. As for the shovels, it turns out he's selling them.
For the low price of $29.99, you can own Dr. Amp's Gold Shit-Digging Shovel, which he says will help you "shovel your way out of the shit." Unfortunately, at this point they don't exist in the real world, so if you want one you'll have to paint your own shovel.
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