'Twin Peaks': A Deep Dive Into William Hastings

While the majority of the 'Twin Peaks' revival centers around Kyle MacLachlan's Dale Cooper, William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) is already a fascinating new addition.
Courtesy of Showtime
[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the two-hour series premiere of Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return.]
The introduction of William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) in the Twin Peaks revival poses a very interesting new possibility. Could it be that Killer BOB and MIKE aren't the only two demonic entities possessing people and killing in the Twin Peaks universe?
The murder of Ruth Davenport and discovery of her severed heard, along with a body that was definitely not hers, was a graphic way to kick off William's story. With his fingerprints in her apartment and the fact that he was having an affair with Ruth, it's natural that he would be a prime suspect in the death.
However, it's the confession to his wife that he dreamed of being in her apartment and killing Ruth that stands out. He's adamant that he didn't do it but remembers the dream vividly. That's eerily similar to what Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) dealt with while being possessed by Killer BOB and killing his daughter.
It's as if William himself is being controlled. It wouldn't be BOB at the wheel though, as he's currently possessing Cooper's doppelganger. Given that MIKE is out of the question, could it be that there's a third entity that has been unleashed?
As William sat alone in jail, the camera panned to another cell, showing a dark figure that then faded away. Viewers who are new to Twin Peaks might not know what to make of that visual. It looks a lot like something the Black Lodge would unleash on the world, though. It resembles the sort of entity that could possess someone and make them kill, whether they realize it or not.
Should that be the case, it would certainly explain what looks like William's descent into madness as he struggles to come to grips with what is and is not real. If he's under the influence of a demon, it's playing tricks with his mind.
A new entity would also give some clues about William's wife's connection to Cooper's doppelganger. Upon her return home, after telling her husband he would rot in jail, she found the evil Cooper waiting. He then killed her with her boyfriend's gun — yes, she was cheating too. What it doesn't do is clear up the nature of the murder or the body parts that were found. If police recovered Ruth's head, where did her body go? Furthermore, who does the body found next to her head belong to? Clearly there is something more sinister at work here, and BOB is helping shepherd it into the world, leaving a trail of dead in its wake. 
While answers will surely be given eventually, as with anything created by David Lynch, they aren't going to be easy. Instead, viewers can expect a slew of twists and turns as William's story comes more into focus and BOB further attempts to evade having to return to the Black Lodge.
Still, it's important to remember that if an entity is possessing William, he is suffering the same way Leland did when it came to the death of his daughter. And if that's the case, it is a bad sign for William as Leland was eventually killed by the spirit of his possessor, BOB.
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