'Twin Peaks' Fan Favorite Finally Returns (and She's Very Different)

After being absent in the first 11 episodes, an original series regular makes her long-awaited return as the Showtime revival heads into its final six episodes.
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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Part 12 of Showtime's Twin Peaks revival.]
It may have taken 12 episodes but Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) is finally back in the Twin Peaks universe. The beloved character made her first appearance during Sunday's Part 12, with her reintroduction coming after her father Ben (Richard Beymer) was told his grandson Richard (Eamon Farren) was responsible for running over a child.
Twin Peaks has yet to officially confirm that Richard is Audrey's son, but given that it's the only real option for the man's parentage, her return should play a major role in the episodes to come. It also has the possibility to be a truly haunting story as the new season ramps up toward its conclusion. 
While seeing Audrey again is something viewers have no doubt been waiting for, it seems things are very different for the character who was originally introduced as a carefree high school girl with a crush on Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). Her positive disposition and vivacious attitude is seemingly gone for now, marking a major change of face for the beloved character. Audrey may have constantly been angling for a romantic relationship with a man much older than she was, but she was also a point of innocence and virtue on the series and was willing to put herself in danger to help Cooper.
Now, as an adult, she's hard, cold, angry and hateful. That's evidenced from the moment she appears onscreen, screaming at her husband Charlie (Clark Middleton), while talking about the man she's in a relationship with outside of their marriage. From their discussion, it seems Charlie and Audrey's relationship is one of convenience and that's about it. That said, they are still tied together by law.
While Audrey may be back now, there's still one key thing that she seems to not know just yet: what's happening with Richard back in Twin Peaks. However, it does seem she is close by. When telling her husband where she would go to look for the man she's sleeping with, she mentions the Roadhouse — otherwise known as the Bang Bang Bar. That puts her in the middle of the madness currently unfolding in Twin Peaks. Yet for some reason, Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) went to her dad with the news about Richard.
There's something suspicious going on with Audrey that will hopefully be revealed as the next six episodes unfold. (Yes, there are only six episodes left in the revival.) With the influence of the Black Lodge growing stronger, the theory that Cooper's evil doppelganger is Richard's father makes sense. The encounter between the two could explain at least some of the hate that has filled Audrey's veins since Twin Peaks originally ended more than two decades ago.
While Audrey joins the list of those who should eventually come face-to-face with the evil Cooper doppelganger, before that she definitely needs to share the screen with her father again, if only so he can fill her in about Richard. After that, she needs to confront her son. While the police believe he's on the run and likely long gone from Twin Peaks, there's no way that character won't somehow factor into the conclusion of this new season.
Audrey is one of very few original Twin Peaks characters who have drastically changed since the original series. While most of the town's residents are as quirky as ever, there have been a few major shifts in character portrayal. A lot has been said of Bobby's (Dana Ashbrook) evolution from bad boy to office of the law. However, as Part 12 showed, Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie) is experiencing a declining mental state, perhaps thanks to the Black Lodge's influence over her family. These heightened characters stand out among the rest of those populating Twin Peaks and should only become more instrumental as the story continues.
Twin Peaks: The Return airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Showtime.
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