'Twin Peaks' Premiere: Cast Revisits Their Favorite Moments From Original Series

Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachlan, David Lynch 'Twin Peaks' Premiere - H Promo 2017
Courtesy of Showtime
It is happening again. More than two decades after it ended in 1991, the cast and creators of Twin Peaks descended on downtown Los Angeles on Friday night for the premiere of the show's revival on Showtime. It was a night filled with friends, smiles, the first chance anyone has had to actually see new episodes of the show and, of course, doughnuts, cherry pie and coffee. Above all, for those who were involved in the original seasons of Twin Peaks, it was a night filled with memories.
It's been nearly 27 years since ABC canceled Twin Peaks, closing the book on the series co-created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. The cast, however, remembers it like it was yesterday, and as they walked the appropriately black carpet before seeing new footage for the first time, they had the chance to reminisce about their favorite moments with The Hollywood Reporter.
"There was an episode in the first seven, I think it was episode three, where it was me throwing rocks at bottles," star Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Dale Cooper) remembers. "I remember that being a particularly fun scene to do because we were outside and you get to throw rocks to try to break a bottle, which is fantastic."
"The other one I think was in the second season, where Leland (Ray Wise) was passing through where we have the Tibetan prayer for the dead," he continues, referencing season two's "Arbitrary Law." "That was a very powerful but difficult scene because of the rain, what was happening and the emotion of everything. But I thought that was a really beautiful moment."
Wendy Robie, who plays Nadine — one of the more peculiar residents of Twin Peaks — has a number of happy memories when it comes to her time on the show, but there is one that stands out. "Do you know what was really fun?" she asks. "Trying out for cheerleading! That was really fun, doing the flips. I loved that, it was a blast."
For Everett McGill, who plays Nadine's husband, Big Ed, the highlight of the original series is a more sentimental moment that he believes speaks to his character. "When Agent Cooper asks me how my wife lost her eye. I tell this really heartbreaking story about going hunting with Nadine. A piece of buckshot ricochet's off a rock and takes her eye out," he says. "The fact that Big Ed would dedicate his whole life to her for that one mistake. I think he loved her and cares about her. I don't think he's in this miserable place, he's just frustrated."
Sheryl Lee, who filled the role of Laura Palmer — the dead girl at the center of the mystery in seasons one and two — cannot narrow down her favorite thing about Twin Peaks to a single moment but rather specific actors. "Some of the scenes I got to do with Ray (Wise) and Grace (Zabriskie) were so incredible creatively," she recalls. "I felt like I was sitting at the feet of masters between them and David. To be able to work with them and not know from one moment to the next what was going to happen, that feeling of electricity creatively is just good stuff."
Finally, it's Frost's highlight from the original series that encapsulates just how special Twin Peaks and its fanbase are. "The first time I saw the finished pilot, I'll never forget it — and the first time I saw it with an audience. We saw it at the Director's Guild with a live audience and the reaction was astonishing," he says. "Then the second week of the show, I had a friend in New Orleans who called to say, 'I was playing golf yesterday with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and on the 14th green he started doing the little man dance.' That's when I realized this may have gotten a little further out of hand than I thought it was going to. And it's just continued to mushroom from there."
The Twin Peaks revival premieres May 21 on Showtime. Stay tuned to THR.com/TwinPeaks for continuing coverage of the series.