'Twin Peaks' Offers an Emotional Goodbye to a Fan-Favorite Character

'Twin Peaks' "Part 15" Still - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Showtime
[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Part 15 of Showtime's Twin Peaks: The Return.]
Given how important a role co-creator David Lynch said Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me would have on the Showtime revival, viewers were left wondering how the series would tackle the role of FBI agent Phillip Jeffries. Played by David Bowie in the film, it was unclear whether or not the late singer has shot anything for the show before his 2016 death.
While both Miguel Ferrer and Catherine Coulson, playing FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield and the Log Lady, respectively, were able to film scenes for Twin Peaks: The Return, that wasn't seem to be the case for Bowie. In Sunday's "Part 15," his former character returned in a brand-new — and very strange — form to confront Dale Cooper's (Kyle MacLachlan) evil doppelganger during a visit to some piece of the Black Lodge.
This version of Jeffries resembled a large teapot, blowing steam as it spoke to the evil Cooper. Sadly the voice was not recorded by Bowie but instead with Nathan Frizzell taking on the role. That said, the actor matched the tone and accent Bowie used as Jeffries practically perfectly.
While speaking to bad Cooper in what was essentially the Black Lodge's seedy motel — the doppelganger found some of the shadow men, with whom viewers became very familiar in "Part 8," who led him there — Jeffries brought up another familiar name to longtime fans: Judy. Judy is a woman Jeffries mentioned by name in Fire Walk With Me before disappearing. As Jeffries explains, Cooper has already met Judy — though he wouldn't explain where, when or how.
Instead, rather than answering bad Cooper's questions, Jeffries sends the doppelganger back to a normal plane of existence to continue his journey. It's at that point, he comes into contact with Richard Horne (Eamon Farren), who finally confirms Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn) is his mother. It's the last viewers see of these two characters in "Part 15." Given the importance Jeffries put on finding Judy though, as evil Cooper and Richard move forward they at least have a direction.
This episode was a bittersweet one and not just because of Phillip's return, sans Bowie. The episode also served as the curtain call for Coulson. After appearing sporadically throughout the season via phone calls with Hawk (Michael Horse), the fan favorite character Log Lady told the deputy she was dying and that it wasn't the end but rather just a change.
After that conversation, Hawk passed on the news to his co-worker that the character had passed away as viewers saw the light in her remote cabin go out for the final time.
It was a moment viewers likely knew was coming, but it still was a deeply emotional one as Hawk joined Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), Lucy (Kimmy Robertson), Andy (Harry Goaz) and Sheriff Truman (Robert Forster) in saying goodbye to a Twin Peaks original.
Now, with only three episodes left, Twin Peaks: The Return is entering its home stretch. There’s still no real evidence about what’s going on with Audrey or what’s become of her mental state. Meanwhile, the real Cooper is still stuck inside the mind of Dougie Jones — though after sticking a fork in that electrical outlet, that could be changing soon. There are still so many questions for the series to tackle while still also getting to whatever the final confrontation at the Black Lodge is going to be. As there’s not likely to be another season of the show anytime soon, the next three episodes are going to have to be positively packed with answers to wrap this story up. 
Twin Peaks: The Return airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Showtime.