'Twin Peaks' Teaser Trailer Offers First Glimpse of Kyle MacLachlan Back in Character

Twin Peaks Teaser Kyle MacLachlan - H 2017
Screengrab/Twin Peaks

One would think, with a cast of 217 boarding Showtime's Twin Peaks revival, that the population of the titular town might have changed a little since 1990.

Apparently not. A new teaser trailer for the upcoming 18-part series, dubbed "The Return," includes two brief glimpses of the show — and one of them is of that same roadside sign advertising a population of 51,201. The other shot, one that will surely whet fans' appetites after waiting 2 1/2 years since the new series was ordered, is of Kyle MacLachlan as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

MacLachlan, 57 and genetically blessed, hasn't changed much either. The actor looks a lot like he did during the original series' run.

What a week it's been for Twin Peaks news. Showtime finally announced a premiere date and trotted out secretive director and co-creator David Lynch for a quick meeting with critics.

"I see it as a film," said Lynch. "And a film, in parts, is what people will experience. It was a joyful experience. This word 'expect' is a magical word. People expect things, and their expectations are hopefully met when they see the thing."

Showtime CEO David Nevins has described the 18-hour revival as "pure heroin David Lynch." It arrives with a two-hour episode on Sunday, May 21, which gives viewers more than enough time to pick up some clean needles.