'Two and a Half Men' First Look: Guest Star Patton Oswalt Torments Ashton Kutcher

Two and a Half Men Patton Oswalt - H 2012

Two and a Half Men Patton Oswalt - H 2012

Ashton Kutcher's Walden is about to get an unwelcome visitor.

The Internet billionaire's first business partner, Billy -- played by Young Adult's Patton Oswalt -- will swing by his newly purchased Malibu abode with a new get-rich-quick plan he can't do without Walden.

Billy's arrival doesn't sit very well with Walden, who -- judging from the photos here -- isn't thrilled to see his former partner. It turns out that after the former partners, who started their business in Bridget's garage, sold it for billions, Billy went off the deep end and the pair had a falling out.

So how does Billy get in the door? Turns out Alan (Jon Cryer) has dollar signs in his eyes and sees himself as being the beneficiary of Billy's new billion-dollar idea and takes a bribe to set up the meeting.

Check out the photos below. Oswalt's Two and a Half Men episode, titled "The War Against Gingivitis," airs Monday, Feb. 27 on CBS.