'Two and a Half Men's' Jon Cryer: Charlie Sheen's Death Episode Is 'Funny' (Video)

The actor also praises new co-star Ashton Kutcher and says the drama surrounding Sheen's departure from the comedy was "awful."
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Viewers might not be crying over former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen's upcoming death episode.

That’s according to series star Jon Cryer, who told viewers of Los Angeles TV station KTLA on Tuesday that the episode will offer a lot of humor.

"I'm not allowed to say much about it. ... I will tell you, it's funny," he said.

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And while he wouldn’t say how Sheen’s character dies, Cryer did deny rumors that it involves a food-related accident.

"There is no meat explosion, just so you know; it's not some entrée that ends disastrously," Cryer added.

The Emmy winner also praised his new co-star, Ashton Kutcher, who replaces Sheen on the CBS comedy for its upcoming season, and the creatives behind the show for the way they introduce his character.

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"They've managed to bring in Ashton in a really terrific way," he said. "I mean, Ashton just did the show on Friday and just tore the roof off the joint. He was amazing."

One thing Cryer wasn't impressed with being a part of the drama surrounding Sheen's being fired from the series earlier this year following a slew of verbal attacks on their bosses, incluing series co-creator Chuck Lorre. Sheen also attacked Cryer at one point, calling him a "troll," but then later apologized.

"It was an awful thing to be a part of and I'm glad that some measure of peace has come out of all of it," Cryer said. "But I never want to go through it again."

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For his part, Sheen told Extra on Monday that he plans to watch the new Men.

"Who's not going to watch?" Sheen said. "I'll be there front and center. I'm just as curious as everybody else."

Men returns with new episodes Sept. 19; Cryer also is set to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame the same day.


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