'Two Broke Girls': What the Viewers Are Saying

2 Broke Girls
Monty Brinton/CBS

Who's In It: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Garret Morris, Matthew Moy, Jonathan Kite

What It's About: Co-created by Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King, 2 Broke Girls centers on two broke 22-year-olds who tackle life in New York City as they try and accomplish their dreams. (Half-hour multicamera comedy)

When It Airs: Fall; Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS

2 Broke Girls is a new comedy about a diner waitress, played by Kat Dennings who gets a new co-worker, played by Caroline Channing, when the latter’s financial assets are frozen and she’s got to actually find some work.

The comedy premiered on CBS on Monday night, on the same night as the premiere of the new Two and a Half Men starring Ashton Kutcher.

TV REVIEW: 2 Broke Girls

Created by Whitney Cummings (who has her own sitcom, Whitney, premiering on NBC) and Michael Patrick King, had plenty of jokes in its first episode, and many seemed to hit the right notes with viewers.

Viewer reactions ran the gamut on the show. Some were impressed and shocked by some of the raunchy jokes that made it onto the show, while others doubted that the comedy would last longer than a season.

“I LOVE Two Broke Girls. Best comedy I've seen in a LONG time. CBS has a big hit on there hands with this show. Lots of potential.”

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Brian Jang:
“Watching this new show called Two Broke Girls. Wow, this is just awful television. I give it 1 season at the most.”

Whitney Redman:
“Um…I LOVED Two Broke Girls. Absolutely hilarious. I hope it stays that way!”

Brian Arthur:
Two Broke Girls might possibly be my favorite new show of this t.v. season!!! Can't wait 4 more!!!

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“This two broke girls show is SO BAD. Poor Kat Dennings.”

William Marchese
“Also watched the series premiere of Two Broke Girls. It had me laughing a lot. Had a few jokes I'm shocked got passed the censors.”

Rebecca Welch:
Two Broke Girls was great. But people waitresses even sharp tongue feisty ones don't wear heels to work!”

Rebecca Welch:
“I like Kat Dennings, and the co-lead seems a decent enough actress, but TWO BROKE GIRLS was pretty terrible.”