Uber Responds Faster Than Ambulances in NYC: Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Solution (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Feb 23 H 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Feb 23 H 2015

Jimmy Kimmel has a solution to a life-threatening problem.

The late-night host debuted a clip on Monday night that introduced the "Ubulance" in response to the trending Medium piece that notes, "In New York City, the median response time for an ambulance is 6.1 minutes. The median wait time for an Uber is 2.42 minutes in Manhattan and 3.1 minutes in the outer boroughs."

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"Although ambulance drivers won't repeatedly ask you to give them a five-star rating on the way to the hospital," noted Kimmel. "Maybe if the ambulance drivers worked for tips, they'd show up faster."

Still, he introduced "Ubulance," his spot-on suggestion for an hilarious new Uber offering in which on-demand drivers take a "four-hour online training medical course" and attend to your wounds with jumper cables and air fresheners. And of course, bottled water is offered upon entering the car. 

Watch the video below.

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