Uff Da: 'Fargo' Cast Shares Their Favorite Minnesota-isms

Fargo Premiere - H 2015
Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

The language on Fargo is as much a signature of the show as shocking, morbidly funny acts of violence and bleak, snowswept landscapes. Both the Coen brothers' film and FX's series have paid close attention to the Upper Midwest accents and phrases of its characters.

The cast clearly enjoys putting on the accent as well. They shared their favorite regionalisms at the show's premiere.

Patrick Wilson (Lou Solverson)

"I don't have something I say all the time. Getting the 'yah' down over and over, because it's there all the time, without it sounding too ridiculous — you don't want to sound like some weird Swedish leprechaun. ... I don't think I said 'You betcha,' but I said 'Yah' a lot."

Kirsten Dunst (Peggy Blumquist)

"When I first started working with the dialect coach, I was a little too campy. I was hitting it too hard. So my Drop Dead Gorgeous days didn't help me. ...

"I like 'uff da.' I don't get to say it — other people do — but that's one of my favorite phrases."

Jean Smart (Floyd Gerhardt)

"I begged for one of those. I did not get one. I said, 'I don't get to say a 'you betcha' or 'oh jeez' or an 'uff da'? 'I'll trade you one 'uff da.' My character's a little too serious for that."

Jeffrey Donovan (Dodd Gerhardt)

"I didn't ever get to say 'Oh jeez' or anything like that. But my first line in the show is 'Are you kiddin' me?' I really liked that a lot, and it became sort of my mantra. ... It was very ironic for such a dumb guy to have that kind of self-awareness."

Cristin Milioti (Betsy Solverson)

"I just love 'Oh yah!' That was my favorite. ... I've never left it. I'm still like shoulders-deep in that accent. It comes out at home all the time."

Rachel Keller (Simone Gerhardt)

"I'm from Minnesota, so maybe every -ism. It just feels so familiar to me. I think the texture it gives to the show is hysterical. It's funny to say, but it's also funny to hear. It's like, is that really real? I do have cousins who speak like that, so it's real."

— Reporting by Kate Stanhope