Disney XD's 'Ultimate Spider-Man': The Team Gets Miniaturized (Exclusive Video)

Curious what Spider-Man is like as an "itsy bitsy" version of himself?

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive scene from Ultimate Spider-Man's return on Disney XD this Sunday, which features back-to-back episodes from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. In the scene from "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" (airing at 11:30 a.m.), Spider-Man and his team are turned into mini versions of themselves after they cross Loki. Travis Willingham returns as Thor in the episode, while Adrian Pasdar reprises his role as Iron Man in "Swarm" (airing at 11 a.m.).

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The team go about their activities but, as expected, find it difficult to do everyday things, like running on a treadmill. How will they get back to their normal selves?

The following week, Ultimate Spider-Man welcomes Star Trek's George Takei as the voice of Elder Monk in an episode that sees Spider-Man traveling to K'un L'un to help Iron Fist fulfill his destiny, but The Scorpion has plans to destroy them both.

Drake Bell, Chi McBride, Clark Gregg, Steven Weber, J.K. Simmons, Stan Lee, Greg Cipes, Ogie Banks, Caitlyn Taylor Love, Logan Miller, Tom Kenny, Matt Lanter, Tara Strong and Misty Lee are among the voice cast.

Ultimate Spider-Man returns Sunday on Disney XD.

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