'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Cast Breaks Down Season 2 Finale Shockers

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Courtesy of Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's entire second season.]

Everyone in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ends season two in a very different place than where they started.

Throughout the Netflix show’s sophomore season, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) found herself and her long-lost mother; Titus (Tituss Burgess) fell in love with sweet Mikey (Mike Carlsen) and kick-started his career; Jacqueline (Jane Krakowski) discovered how to be a parent and a better person; and Lilian (Carol Kane) realized her neighborhood is worth fighting for.

Below, the cast breaks down some of the season two finale’s biggest moments for The Hollywood Reporter, reveals how their characters evolved throughout the year and previews what’s ahead in season three.


After 15 years apart, Kimmy finally finds her mother, Lori-Anne (Lisa Kudrow), and tries to get answers about her broken childhood and why she got kidnapped. Although the apologies don’t turn out exactly how she hopes, Kemper says it was a great learning moment for Kimmy.

“The big takeaway from meeting her mom and confronting her is that this did not play out how she wanted it to play out. She didn't get the answers she wanted, and that's OK because Kimmy did what she had control over,” Kemper reveals. “I think that is part of the theme of this season, which is that there aren't nice, tidy, easy answers in life. Things are ambiguous and they don't always work out how you want them to work out. I think the end of the show kind of drives that home.”

As for potential for a Kimmy and Lori-Anne Christmas reunion in season three? “I think that the door is still open,” Kemper says. “I don't think there's any closure one way or the other, in a way that's final.”


Titus’ impulse is to run away from his problems, but he manages to change course and still accept a role in Dionne Warwick’s four-month cruise ship musical, Mahogany, by the end of season two. Unfortunately, that meant leaving boyfriend Mikey behind and postponing moving in together.

However, Burgess is hopeful for Mikey and Titus’ future.

“You can measure the intensity and the depth of their relationship by the internal struggle Titus has with whether or not to take this job, which would take him away from his newfound relationship,” the actor says. “It certainly leaves us in a place of, ‘Well what is going to happen to them?’ But he does very much care for Mikey.”

Looking ahead to season three, Titus’ departure will affect more than just Mikey. “It will test the strength of the family,” Burgess teases. “We will find out, perhaps in season three, just how strong all of them are.”


Jacqueline learned to be a mom in season two, and she’s on the road to becoming a full-blown good person. Even though she attempted to seduce her boyfriend Russ (David Cross) just for his money, she ended up falling in love, and now they’re going to take on his family together to rename the Washington Redskins.

“They are absolutely left with hope and the promise that this can happen for them and they can make his family change the Redskins’ name,” Krakowski says. “Next season, we will possibly be together as a couple to finally get that done for my family, because everything else Jacqueline has tried to help her family this season has not worked out.”

Although the future looks bright for Jacqueline and Russ, new cast addition Anna Camp has other ideas for Jacqueline's love life in season three, particularly involving her character, Jacqueline's crazy trophy-wife rival Deidre Robespierre. “There's almost a bit of sexual tension between the two of them, so I can see them even having a passionate love-hate, sex-fueled relationship go down,” Camp suggests with a laugh. Krakowski and showrunner Robert Carlock say they are both on board and would love to welcome Camp back to the cast in season three.

“She is the one of the great rivals, arch nemeses of all time. I think it is a perfect rivalry for both of us,” Krakowski says. “I never thought about [romance], but maybe that's the only way they can get their tension out with each other!”


After realizing that she can’t stop the gentrification in her neighborhood, Lillian waves a white flag and decides to sell her apartment — as well as Titus and Kimmy’s home. But then a representative from a preservation society for historic neighborhoods asks her to run for office, and she’s certainly considering it.

“Lillian is going to have to really think about how seriously involved she wants to be in trying to change that outcome,” Kane teases. “Something I'm very, very attached to is being homogenized and gentrified and I'm losing my roots in my neighborhood. And that just can’t happen.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two is now streaming on Netflix.