Tim Burton Brings the 'Unicorn Apocalypse' for Samsung During Oscars (Video)

Tim Burton Samsung Unicorn Ad - H 2013

Tim Burton Samsung Unicorn Ad - H 2013

Tim Burton didn't win an Oscar on Sunday night, but he got plenty of reverence and airtime anyway.

The writer-director, whose Frankenweenie lost best animated feature to Brave, was part of a series of commercials for the smart phone Samsung Galaxy S II. In a plot line that resonated with the evening's celebration of Hollywood, Burton visited a fictional mobile-gaming company in order to pitch a movie adaptation of their equally fictional game Unicorn Apocalypse.

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A slight dig at the popular culture's all-consuming obsession with zombies, the ad saw Burton telling the star-struck game developers, "This is all the kind of stuff I love: zombies, unicorns, the apocalypse. Did you guys know that unicorns are basically goats?"

The movie he pitches is called Unicorn Apocalypse: Horn of Darkness and stars a little unicorn called Hornelius, who finds himself amid a battle for earth between humans and the rainbow-bleeding mythic steeds. Some of the game employees, unfortunately, find themselves a little overexcited about the brainstorming session.

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Capitalizing on the ad, GameSpot and Gamesalad.com are holding a contest for fans to create a real Unicorn Apocalypse game, further blurring the already tenuous line between reality and fiction on the internet.