'United States of Tara' Series Finale: Only The Good Parts

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Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Monday's series finale.

It’s hard to believe that the producers and actors behind United States of Tara received news of its cancelation after shooting had wrapped for the season. The Season 3 finale did such a great job of wrapping up the series, we can’t imagine where it could have gone next in Season 4.

This season has brought Tara (Toni Collette) and her family to the brink of destruction (literally) as a new alter took the form of her sexually abusive half-brother, Bryce. It began to kill off the other alters with his endgame being the death of Tara.

In the finale, Tara decided to fight back and within the first few minutes of the episode she defeated Bryce. Newly empowered and resolved to do whatever she can to control her illness and repair her family, she decides to seek out the help of a renowned expert in Boston. But, what about the other 25 minutes of the show?

What we especially appreciated about the finale was that the focus then turned to the men of the series. Let’s face it: Not only were they outnumbered by the women (Tara’s alters notwithstanding), but their lives revolved around the women. And now, they’re getting their chance to have their needs met.

In this episode, Max (John Corbett) finally found his voice and after several practice runs, he forcefully used it. Meanwhile, Marshall (Keir Gilchrist) who had been reeling from the death of his ex-boyfriend and his mother via Bryce’s attack on him, broke out of his own silence with Tara. He basically realized that he never wanted someone to leave his life again without telling them all that he wanted to say. And Kate (Brie Larson) delayed her move to be closer to her boyfriend, so that she can be there for Marshall while their parents were away. Even Neil (Patton Oswalt) got what he wanted from Charmaine (Rosemarie DeWitt) when she proposed to him this time around.

In the end, this season finale functioned as a tight series finale as the family decided to accept each other for what they are. That includes Tara and her several alters. So, the three-season-long hunt that the family was on really wasn’t about finding a cure for Tara’s multiple personalities. It was about finding Tara or as Marshall called it, “the good parts.”

How did you feel about the last episode of “United States of Tara”?


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