'UnREAL's' Constance Zimmer on Quinn's Big Move: "She Doesn't Know What She Wants"

Unreal Still - H 2015
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Unreal Still - H 2015

[Warning: This post contains spoilers from the July 27 episode of UnREAL, “Princess”]

Hell hath no fury like a new fiancee scorned.

After dealing with the relationship whiplash of last week’s episode — in which Quinn (Constance Zimmer) accepted Chet’s (Craig Bierko) marriage proposal before promptly becoming a victim of his infidelity — Quinn was back in control in Monday's penultimate episode of the reality TV-skewering drama UnREAL.

While Rachel (Shiri Appleby) was caught in the middle of two suitors — ex-beau Jeremy (Josh Kelly) and actual Everlasting suitor Adam (Freddie Stroma), Quinn already was putting plans in place to move past her relationship with Chet and take him down. Lying about visiting a gynecologist in L.A., Quinn instead visited network headquarters with a mysterious thumb drive in hand.

So what was on that USB drive? After tracking down Rachel, Quinn revealed that it contained eight years worth of ideas — ideas she’s going to use to form her own production company — and she asks (well, blackmails) Rachel to become her partner.

“I don’t think it would have happened as quickly. She’s got to get away from Chet now, as fast as possible,” Zimmer tells The Hollywood Reporter of Quinn’s power move, “Now it’s a matter of beating him at his own game.

“Quinn’s going to show [him] who’s the smarter one in the relationship," she continues. "It’s all or nothing. She’s not going to lose.”

With that in mind, THR caught up with Zimmer to dig deep into this payback plan and find out just how far Quinn is willing to go to take down Chet.

one of the first female characters that I’ve played [where we] see her whole world — who she is at work and who she is in her personal life,” Zimmer told THR."]

At the beginning of the episode, Quinn still is pretending with Chet as he talks about having a kid. Will she continue to keep pretending with him?

The biggest struggle with Quinn is that she doesn’t know what she wants. She’s so busy creating for other people that she doesn’t have to time to focus on what she really wants, but she’s not unlike any other woman — we all want to be loved, it’s just being loved by the right person. What she’s doing now is, she’s producing her own relationship. She’s going to make it what it needs to be in order for her to get revenge, in a way, but we won’t really know what that is until the next season. She sets up a pretty awesome game.

We finally found out what’s on the thumb drive. Why was it so important for Quinn to keep all of these ideas separate from Chet?

Well, ultimately, she always remembered that he took Everlasting from her. That was her idea with her ex-boyfriend. She’s a very smart producer, and knowing that he took this idea from her to begin with would definitely make her feel like she had to protect anything else after it. It shows you how much was she into the relationship to begin with. Did she always know that, because he was married, that she would never have to commit to him because he was committed to somebody else? That was her protecting herself.

Quinn confronts Chet’s dalliance partner, Madison, in this episode and gives her a lesson on how men take advantage of women in the industry. Obviously, Quinn had ulterior motives, but is there a part of her that was actually hoping to help Madison?

It’s a little bit of both. What disheartens her the most, which, again, is her vulnerability, is that she does see a little bit [of herself in Madison]. Chet plucked [Quinn] out of the group of people and was like, "You’re smart. I’m going to help you make a name for yourself." But, also, it’s a lot of trying to get back at Chet. At this point, she’s in it to get him. What he did to her, for her, is unforgivable, and now she’s playing with all guns. This is takedown. The Madison thing is so disturbing, and it’s also a lesson in: People don’t change. I, personally, as Constance, spent a lot of my life trying to change people that I was with — changing guys to be more of this, more of that — but people don’t change. It’s like, "Wow, how dumb was I? How many blinders did I have on?" But Madison is never going to listen to Quinn.

relationships," Appleby tells THR about the events of Monday's episode."]

Is Quinn willing to burn down Everlasting, and everything that comes with it, to take Chet down?

Possibly. She’s not the one making the money, he is. You take it down, you take him down with it. For her, that might be more important. Then she rises up [from the ashes] like a phoenix.

Quinn immediately goes to questionable lengths to get Rachel to turn down life with Jeremy and join her as a partner. Why is Quinn so invested in Rachel?

The mother-daughter relationship comes into play, trying to [get her to] learn from my mistakes. Rachel doesn’t realize yet how much she is like Quinn and that, if she was in a cabin in the woods, she’d be miserable [by] day two. Rachel is still struggling with who she wants to be. She thinks she wants to be the housewife, sitting in the house and happy with her husband, but she really gets off —[Everlasting] is like a drug, and I’m the drug dealer. It’s this addiction, and I don’t know if Rachel could handle being without it. Quinn knows that from experience and is trying to relay that to her, but, also, Quinn needs her. Quinn will do whatever it takes to keep her. She’s doing this out of love for Rachel, believing that she knows Rachel better than she knows herself.

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UnREAL airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

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