'Untamed Americas': Grizzlies Gorge on Whale Blubber (Exclusive Video)

National Geographic Channel’s upcoming miniseries, Untamed Americas, takes a unique look at the animal kingdom living in our own backyards: North, South and Central America.

The miniseries, narrated by Josh Brolin, follows animals of land and sea, as they fight for survival and terrain.

The many storylines featured in the four-part miniseries include a grizzly bear hunting elk calves in Yellowstone, bighorn sheep going head-to-head in battle and puma cubs hunting alone for the first time.

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In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive clip from the series, grizzly bears devour a beached humpback whale. Usually solitary creatures, a group of Grizzlies gather together to take in the large feast. And just like after a Thanksgiving feast, the bears take naps by the water after filling their bellies.

The footage is part of the “Coasts” hour of the miniseries, which is broken up into four different terrain sections: mountains, coasts, deserts and forests.

“I hope that people will be surprised about how many surprises there are in their backyard,” series producer Karen Bass told THR. “You don't have to go to Africa to see amazing things. The incredible world of life stories can play out right under your nose.”

Other highlights of the series include the first video footage of Ecuador's long-tongued bat and a record-breaking school of mobular rays, who are able to leap out of the water and momentarily take flight.

Untamed Americas will air during a special two-night event on Sunday, June 10 and Monday, June 11, on the National Geographic Channel.

Watch the exclusive clip above.

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