'Up All Night' First Look: 'Happy Days' Marion Ross Is One Mean 'Gammy' (Video)

The veteran actress guest stars on the NBC comedy's season finale on Thursday.

Happy Days star Marion Ross drops her classic “nurturing mom” vibe on Thursday’s season finale of NBC’s Up All Night.

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“Oh, my God. She was such a dear,” series creator Emily Spivey tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We loved her so much, and it was such a cool way to sort of round out the season to have her there. She was just so funny and just got it. It was a real treat for us to have Ms. Ross there.”

She may have been “a dear” behind the scenes, but Ross apparently plays a ball-buster on the season-ender. Reagan (Christina Applegate) has lost her engagement ring – a family heirloom – and she realizes that her only option is to recruit Chris’ (Will Arnett) grandmother to help her out. But, it seems as if “Gammy” (Ross) may not be the most willing conspirator.

Watch THR’s first look clip below, as Reagan tells Ava (Maya Rudolph) that she's desperate enough to reach out to “Gammy.”

The Up All Night season finale airs Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on NBC.

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