Valerie Harper Living 'One Day at a Time' After 'Dancing' Elimination

The cancer-stricken contestant speaks out after leaving the show.
Getty Images
Valerie Harper

Monday night's Dancing with the Stars saw an inspirational favorite eliminated.

Actress Valerie Harper, who signed on to participate in the ABC reality show after her terminal brain cancer was found to be close to remission, was sent home this week.

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But the Rhoda actress was optimistic in an interview with ABC that aired on Tuesday's Good Morning America.

"When you have cancer and they say you have three months in January and it's October, you've gotta feel good about that," she said. "And the drugs I'm taking … are working right now. So we'll see what goes. And everyone should live like that, one day at a time."

Harper, who sought to inspire people through her appearance on the show, told ABC that she hoped her brief run would motivate those with adversity to keep trying.