'Vampire Diaries': Elena Makes a Gutsy Romantic Move

The CW drama returned after a short break with "Heart of Darkness" on Thursday.
The CW
"The Vampire Diaries"

The Vampire Diaries returned with Elena making a bold choice in the romance department. But does it stick?

[Warning: If you did not watch Thursday's episode, do not proceed. Spoilers ahead.]

So which Salvatore brother did Elena choose? Damon. Plus, they kiss -- a lot.

The long-awaited moment came while the two were on their road trip to Denver to save Elena's brother Jeremy from danger. While the trip was an effort for Damon and Elena to solve the sire bond, it also served another purpose: for Elena to figure out her feelings. And figure them out she did, well, sort of.

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After a shirtless Damon catches her staring at him in the darkened motel room, the two share a sweet moment in bed before Elena panics and steps outside with Damon right behind.

"Why no?" Damon asks when she -- in her own way -- tells him not to come closer. It's then that Elena makes a gutsy decision, maybe her gutsiest yet, and kisses the Salvatore brother. Delena fans, rejoice! (And no, it's not a dream.)

Sadly, the moment is cut short when Jeremy catches them outside. (Later in the episode, Jeremy fires back after Elena asks him to stay outside: "What? So you guys can make out some more?!")

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Unfortunately, the makeout session doesn't provide a happy ending for Damon and Elena. Elena lays it all out, including the reason why she came on this trip. It's safe to say Damon isn't too happy about it, leaving the Gilbert to her own devices. Rose, who "returns" via Jeremy, offers her take -- and she's Team Damon.

Back in early March, Ian Somerhalder told The Hollywood Reporter that Damon and Elena have an unspoken connection.

"With Damon and Elena, there's something unspoken there that they can't explain," Somerhalder told THR at PaleyFest. "The two of them, Damon and Elena, have a lot of bonding to do, a lot of understanding each other."

He added: "Damon makes her laugh, Damon will die for her protecting her, but Stefan is very pure in his love. It's not about good boy-bad boy."

The episode also marked Tyler's return (finally!) to Mystic Falls, Kol beating the living daylights out of Damon with a baseball bat (THR first debuted images of Jeremy at the batting cages) and an Esther/Rebekah switcheroo.

What do you think of Elena's bold move? How will this affect Stefan and the upcoming 1920s dance? Do you agree with Rose or are you Team Stefan?

Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.