'Vampire Diaries' First Season 5 Promo Debuts (Video)

Doppelgangers, declarations of love and heated moments by the bathtub make up the 30-second teaser.
The CW

It's been a few months since The Vampire Diaries ended with Stefan meeting his doppelganger, Silas, and now, the first season-five teaser has debuted.

A new 30-second promo has everything from Damon and Elena's declaration of love (those heartfelt "I love you"s!) to a human Katherine confronting Damon to Jeremy getting into a fist fight at school. Stefan (or is it Silas?) even shares an intimate moment with Katherine in the bathtub, where he tells her "human looks better on you than I would've thought, Katherine."

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But of course, no Vampire Diaries promo is complete without a classic Damon line: "If I have to hear doppelganger one more time, then I have to learn how to spell it!"

Plus, a car runs right into a pole, causing sparks to fly — literally.

Watch the teaser below.

The Vampire Diaries premieres Oct. 3 on The CW.

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