'Vampire Diaries': Joseph Morgan on Klaus' Tyler Problem, Caroline and Surviving the Curse

Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan - H 2012
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Vampire Diaries Joseph Morgan - H 2012

The Originals are in danger, again, on The Vampire Diaries.

Now that Damon, Stefan and company are in possession of wood -- made into deadly stakes -- that could very well eliminate the threat of Klaus, Rebekah and the Original family (thanks to the binding spell), how the centuries-old supernatural beings will get out of this is the subject of tonight's episode, "The Murder of One."

Joseph Morgan, who plays hybrid Klaus, told The Hollywood Reporter that there will be hell to pay in Mystic Falls. "[Klaus will] threaten and manipulate and blackmail his way to those weapons however he can," he said of his character's antics.

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But the "heroes," as Morgan called them, will have their work cut out for them. "They’re going to be incredibly hard to kill and it's going to require absolute teamwork [from the others]," he previewed.

Whether Klaus and his siblings come out on top remains to be seen, but in a chat with THR, Morgan previewed Tyler's return and how that affects Klaus, motives with Caroline and the standoff between Stefan and Klaus.

The Hollywood Reporter: There’s a lot of trouble lurking for the Originals, especially in tonight’s episode, with the threat of death at every corner ..

Joseph Morgan: As you’ve seen, Klaus is now linked to all of his siblings so that immediately brings on a bigger threat for him because he’s no longer just going to worry about No. 1. He’s got to worry about all of his siblings staying alive until he can find a way to have the spell broken that binds them all together so there’s definitely a higher threat level for Klaus.

THR: Damon, Stefan and the rest of the gang now have the deadly wood from the oak tree that could kill the Originals. How does that affect Klaus and his siblings?

Morgan: We saw in the preview that the big bag of stakes has been brought into the mix now. Now each of them has a weapon that can kill any Original so Klaus is going to do everything in his power to get a hold of those stakes. What we know of him is he’s a master manipulator so he’s going to do anything that he can. He’ll threaten and manipulate and blackmail his way to those weapons however he can.

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THR: That’s a normal day in Mystic Falls for him.

Morgan: It absolutely is, just another day in Mystic Falls for Klaus.

THR: Executive producer Julie Plec teased that finding and killing the Originals may be more difficult that previously assumed. Can you speak to that?

Morgan: First of all, you’ve got to remember that these guys are the original vampires; they’re the strongest vampires to walk the planet. They’re going to be incredibly hard to kill and it's going to require absolute teamwork from our "heroes." They’ll do anything and Klaus, he’ll do anything he can to stay alive. He has no qualms about letting others suffer so that he can survive or so his family can survive. But the most important thing to him at the moment, I think even secondary to getting those stakes, is to break that binding spell. He can look after himself but what he worries about is Finn or Kole or Elijah getting staked without him realizing and suddenly his family disappears around him.

THR: That’s his big mission moving forward?

Morgan: I think it’s split into two. It’s breaking the binding spell and getting a hold of all of those stakes. He can’t afford to have either one of those things floating around out there.

THR: I’m sure you can’t reveal much but what are the originals plans to kind of break this curse? Is it more complicated than it seems?

Morgan: What his plan is is to find a witch who is going to be capable of breaking the curse. The problem he has is that not a lot of people are willing to help him. He’s made a lot of enemies, especially in Mystic Falls and he doesn’t have any people who owe him any favors so what he’s going to do is what he does best: Find a way to manipulate someone into doing what he wants. You know Klaus; he’s never one to ask nicely. He’ll go down the emotional blackmail route before he gives a simple "please."

THR: And I assume it's Bonnie you’re talking about?

Morgan: Yes, I think I can confirm that she’s going to be his first go-to call. She’s Mystic Fall’s resident witch. She’s the obvious decision, the obvious place for him to go first.

THR: There will be a standoff of sorts between Stefan and Klaus. What events transpire that lead those characters to that moment?

Morgan: We know Rebekah’s furious at Damon for being manipulated by him and Sage and she’s out for revenge and Klaus see’s no problem in that happening. Any chance to torture one of those Salvatore boys, he’s up for it. That’s going to push Stefan toward his confrontation with Klaus. He’s really going to want to -- we know that the Salvatores with all their differences, these brothers have a strong bond -- go in there and save his brother. That’s another example of Klaus of using someone against someone else in Mystic Falls.

THR: Next week, Tyler comes back into the fold. How does his reappearance impact Klaus, especially in regards to Caroline?

Morgan: At the moment, Klaus isn’t taking that threat seriously. As far as he’s concerned, Tyler is sired to him so there’s really no worry. He really doesn’t see Tyler as a threat right now. His vanity doesn’t allow him to think why would anybody would want this kind of frat boy instead of him, this worldly man of culture who’s incredibly powerful. He doesn’t even conceive how there’s a choice to be made. [It] will be a huge weakness, a huge chink in his armor because he’s underestimating someone who’s going to potentially become his enemy. With everything Klaus is all or nothing so he’ll go for what he wants and as we’ve seen, he is interested in Caroline. If he has an opportunity with her he’s going to take it. The other thing I will add is he’s a very patient man. You don’t get to a thousand years old without having a little patience. Sometimes the best laid plans are the ones that play out over a long period of time.

THR: Does he have ulterior motives with Caroline?

Morgan: His feelings about Caroline are genuine. There isn't a motive there where [viewers will] find he’s been manipulating her all along for something that he wants. I wouldn’t say in love at this point but I’d say he’s infatuated with this blonde young vampire girl who doesn’t understand her true potential and her true power of being what she is. She really has no idea how truly beautiful she is to him.

THR: So he’s trying to bring that out of her?

Morgan: He thinks he can help her embrace that. He honestly believes that she would live a richer, fuller happier life with him. He wants to show her the world. I feel like I’ve seen tiny glimpses of doubt from [Caroline]. We’ll see, there may be a chance for Klaus yet.

THR: Do you have any idea as to where your character is going at the end of the season?

Morgan: He’s wanted dead by the majority of Mystic Falls by now so the finale for Klaus, a lot of it is going to be about trying to survive. He’s going to make sure he secures Elena’s safety because she’s his source of doppelganger blood. If things start getting too hot, it’s going to be about making his escape intact -- and I would imagine he’s going to want Elena and Rebekah with him.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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