'Vampire Diaries': Joseph Morgan Says Viewers Will Meet Klaus' Entire Family, More Flashbacks (Video)

It's the season of the originals -- and as the preview for Thursday's opener of The Vampire Diaries hinted, werewolf/vampire hybrid Klaus is running the show. Joseph Morgan (Klaus) previewed the third season for The Hollywood Reporter and he had a lot to reveal about his characters and where he stands.

Stefan and Klaus are on a path of destruction at the beginning of the season, and as Morgan told THR, Stefan is "further down the line of corruption and will continue to be pushed further and further. This isn't a short storyline. It will take a while to play out."

But Morgan -- who said that "he's had a lot to do" so far this season -- offered a warning, "The Stefan fans can expect to be tested, in terms of how much they're willing to accept from him because he's going to go to some dark places." The season will explore "the origin of vampires, the origin of witches, more about the werewolf curse and about the original family in general," Morgan revealed. "I think we're going to meet all of my family by the end of the season. I've possibly met a member or two already."

The actor said the series will revisit more time periods, including the 1920s, which they already shot. "We've been talking about another flashback episode. I don't think I'm allowed to talk about what era it is, but it's not an era we've been to before," he said.

Morgan added, "By the end of the series, for sure, I feel like they have to go back to the point when the family were made the originals. If it's the season of the originals, we need to find out their origin, right? I feel like we'd have to go back there at some point."