'Vampire Diaries': Matt Davis Teases 'Big Mystery Character' and Alaric's New Role (Video)

Jenna's death on The Vampire Diaries caused a stir last season, but her passing may not have had the expected effect on some of the characters.

With Elena and Jeremy no longer having a parental figure in their lives, how willing is Alaric willing to step up as the fill-in?

"He's in the process of recovering from [Jenna's death]. He's in the process now of having to take care of the kids. He's in the house, sleeping on the couch," Matt Davis tells The Hollywood Reporter at the CW premiere party this past weekend. "You don't see him as much hung up on Jenna so much as him trying to put his life back together."

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But Alaric isn't the best candidate to be a role model. "He feels conflicted about it because he doesn't feel like like he's much of a role model to kids, [aside] from the fact that he's a teacher. He has his drinking problems and his emotional problems," Davis says.

Davis teased that at the end of the sixth episode, "there's a character that arrives at the end that is character quadruple 'X,' the big mystery character. It'll be a good surprise."

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