'Vampire Diaries': Michael Malarkey on Enzo's 'Reckless' Revenge Plot and the Damon Issue

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[WARNING: Some spoilers ahead for Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries, "What Lies Beneath"]

Enzo has revenge on the brain.

The Vampire Diaries' latest casualty may be gone from the living world, but that doesn't mean he'll be gone for good. After dying at the hands of Stefan, humanity-free Enzo made his mission known for the rest of the season: exact revenge on Stefan and Damon. With the Other Side disintegrating and Mystic Falls in flux, could this be the right time Enzo to make the Salvatores' lives a living hell?

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Actor Michael Malarkey talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Enzo's hell-raising, hints on the finale and the chances he'll return in season six.

Did you foresee such strong response to your character?

When you first start a job, that's the last thing you're thinking about. Luckily all my first scenes were with Ian [Somerhalder] and we gelled so well together. He's a fantastic actor who cares about the work. That made it easier for me to embed myself into the show with ease.

Ever since Alaric's death, it was nice to see Damon have another guy friend like Enzo, however complicated their friendship was. How do you think their relationship has progressed?

It's been a rocky road for Damon and Enzo. Ever since he switched his humanity off and left Enzo to die in that cage, Enzo was obsessing over that. When he came out and tried to kill them, there was a form of redemption that happened and they regained their friendship, their witty banter, etc. Now it's back on the rocks unfortunately. As with any friendship, it can oftentimes withstand a lot of knocks. However, at this particularly point, it's going to be a bit of a mountain to climb to get back there.

How do you think Damon will react to Enzo's death if and when the truth does come out?

In this situation, Enzo brought it on himself in a way. A lot of people are going "Oh no why is Stefan hiding it from Damon? He should just tell him!" And that's true. Perhaps there might have been a chance for Damon to have a bit of understanding about that even though he might fly off the handle a little bit. The fact that Stefan is hiding it from him may make it worse if Damon ever does find out. But we'll find out what happens in the next coming episodes.

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How dangerous is humanity-free version of Enzo?

He's already a little bit unhinged and he's already a little bit spontaneous and can be reckless. But there's this sense of cool, calculated energy that he has as well and that comes back now that he's switched off his humanity -- that soldier Enzo, where he's going to be plotting things and planning things and making himself known and actively seeking some form of revenge which you'll get to see some glimpses in the next episode and in the lead-up.

How does Enzo go about making his presence known, as you've said?

It's all based in the fact that the Other Side is falling apart in a sense. Little things are starting to happen that are peculiar and things that are quite creepy. Enzo quickly starts to figure some of these things out (Changes to thicker accent.) because he's quick like that isn't he? You'll begin to see some of these things happening. It's quite creepy and quite fantastical.

Is there a chance we'll see him aligning with people from the Other Side?

Enzo is going to do whatever he can to get what he wants, whether that includes finding like-minded people or plowing ahead like a bulldozer. You may see certain people cropping up that he might link up with briefly but for the most part, he's in it for himself and is trying to get what he wants.

I imagine Enzo will be a major part in these final episodes. How big of a role does he play in the finale especially?

When I read that final episode, my jaw hit the floor by the end of it. It was that good. It has such a good cliffhanger that's going to have everybody squealing. You guys gotta tune in. Everyone's going to be speechless at the end of it.

Death means something different on Vampire Diaries, where just because you're killed doesn't mean you're permanently gone. Is there a chance Enzo could return to the living?

The short answer is yes, it's a possibility. But that's all I can say.

Is there a possibility for Enzo to be a fixture in season six?

Well, if they were to want me to do that, I'd be more than happy to because I really love this team and I've come to enjoy working with these people. They're genuinely caring, accommodating and gorgeous souls. It makes you feel comfortable and confident to do your best work when people are like that.

What's your favorite Enzo moment?

I absolutely loved "Man on Fire." It was a gift of an episode. It was all about Enzo. There were so many lovely little moments and changes in tone. You got to see so many aspects of Enzo's humanity, which, beforehand, you got glimpses of but we didn't delve into it too much so it gave me an opportunity to explore him more in-depth if he does carry on.

How would you describe the march to the finale?

I'd say it's freaky, a word that's not normally in my vocabulary. (Laughs.) "Freaky man! Totally freaky!" It's a steamroller of a lead-up into the finale. There are so many things going on with the Travelers and the Other Side collapsing that there are a lot of threats. You're going to see some death, you're going to see some bad death.

At least three permanent deaths?

That is correct.

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