'Vampire Diaries': Michael Malarkey Previews Enzo's Solo Quest to Find Damon

"The hope that Damon could be alive is enough for him to start a course of action"
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"The Vampire Diaries"

What has Enzo been up to?

The Vampire Diaries favorite was missing in action in last week's season six premiere, but when MIchael Malarkey returns to the fold in Thursday's episode, he'll be on a mission. Still hopeful for the return of his friend, Damon, Enzo will quickly discover that he'll be in the minority.

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"He's wondering, 'Why is nobody doing anything about this?' " Malarkey tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There's a certain element of frustration and disapproval when he does encounter certain people who are approaching Damon's death with apathy — specifically Stefan."

How far will Enzo go to find his friend? Malarkey talks to THR about Enzo's quest to find Damon and waxes poetic about what that potential reunion would look like.

There was a time jump in between seasons five and six. What sort of things has Enzo been up to?

I think he spent some time just chilling. The Other Side was a real unfriendly place, so he probably felt pretty good about coming back. I reckon he spent some time in a few casinos and bars and clubs, hung out and boozed it up a little bit and then was like. “Alright, I’ve had my holiday. Lets do something about this.”

Stefan and Enzo are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to finding Damon. What is their interaction like?

Enzo disapproves of how Stefan has been dealing with it and Stefan has been off the radar. As we see in some of the promo photos, there are some pictures of Stefan and his new girlfriend [Ivy] sitting at the dinner table with Enzo and Caroline. [During that dinner] Enzo’s there to go, “Yo, here’s the deal. What the hell are you doing? He’s your brother.” Enzo goes over to Stefan’s new pad and shakes everything up, and forces Stefan to look in the mirror.

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That dinner sounds awkward and uncomfortable.

It is very awkward. I’m really looking forward to [seeing] it specifically.

Is Enzo actively trying to get people like Stefan and Elena to see the Damon and Bonnie situation differently?

Enzo doesn’t really give two shits about winning anybody over because he was a soldier, and when vampires die, whatever they were beforehand is magnified 100 [times]. There’s a huge part of him that still deals with everything as a soldier would so Enzo is all about the mission. That’s his main concern — what’s the job at hand and how do I accomplish it? And if people get in the way of that, then they either get run over or will be dealt with. But yeah, he’s not trying to winning anybody over, except maybe Caroline. But even when it comes to her, he’s like, “Look, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. This is what I do. If you don’t appreciate that, then that’s your loss.”

Will the Enzo and Caroline banter continue this season?

We’ll have some lovely scenes with Enzo and Caroline. (Watch a scene below.) They have a great dynamic and it’s nice that the writers and the fans have appreciated that and want to see more of it. I think there’s this obsession with people hooking up and relationships, but it doesn’t have to be a relationship. The fact that they have their interesting dynamic, and perhaps there is a little undertone of chemistry, that just makes it all the more fun doesn’t it?

Where does Enzo believe Damon and Bonnie ended up? What’s his theory?

He spent [a long time] locked up and all he had to go on was a shred of hope, and when you’ve got hope, it has the potential to mushroom into a grander hope. So in this instance, just the hope that Damon could still be alive is enough for him to start a course of action.

In promos for this episode, it seems to reveal that Damon and Bonnie are reliving the same day in the 1990s.

It’s quite a cool set-up and you’ll see a little bit more of what’s actually going on between Damon and Bonnie in the next episode. I’m happy that Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] have a bunch of scenes coming up together. I think they work very well together.

What would that reunion be like for Enzo if Damon does come back to the living again?

I think Enzo probably feels a lot closer to Damon than Damon feels to Enzo. Damon has an entire friends group and people care about him and Elena. Enzo’s just one piece of his past that meant something at a certain time to him, but for Enzo that’s all he has. He doesn’t have anything else. He doesn’t have any family. So for Enzo, Damon means a lot more to him than he means to Damon. You do see Enzo just hoping for that [reunion] to happen and I don’t think he can see past that.

Do we see Enzo interacting with other characters that you haven’t had significant interactions with?

You will see some interactions coming up with Enzo and Matt. It’s an unlikely duo. Just as he [does with] anybody else, Enzo tends to get under Matt’s skin. However, he does, in the following episode, shed some light on a matter that is important to Matt that is a piece of harrowing information.

Is there a scene that you’ve shot recently that you are particularly excited to see?

I’ll just say there’s another group torture scene in episode seven but I won’t say with who. We just shot it.

On an unrelated note, congratulations on your music.

The Feed the Flames EP is coming out this Sunday. I’m playing a gig in Atlanta that a lot of the cast is coming to. I’m just trying to do more with it in my downtime.

Any chance of your music making it onto the show?

I’ve been pestering [music supervisor Chris Mollere] a little: “Put one of my songs on the show!” Maybe it’ll happen if I wear him down enough. I’d love to get it on the show. I think Feed the Flames has a moody folk vibe, which would go well with a supernatural kind of show.

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