'Vampire Diaries': Nina Dobrev's Five Key Moments

A look back at a few of departing 'Vampire Diaries' star's best moments on The CW series.
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Fresh off the news that The Vampire Diaries is losing its leading lady, Nina Dobrev, The Hollywood Reporter is looking at some of her key moments portraying Elena. Here are some of the ways in which Dobrev's Elena changed The CW series.

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Elena learns Stefan (Paul Wesley) is a vampire.

There was a very brief period in the show where Elena didn't know the truth about what was going on in Mystic Falls. Dobrev shined when the reality of the situation was presented to Elena, and the world as she knew it shifted: Stefan is a vampire.

Aunt Jenna's (Sara Canning) death.

After Elena's parents died, her aunt, Jenna, was tasked with taking care of her and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). But in the second season, she was killed by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) — in front of Elena — in an attempt to break his hybrid curse.

Elena discovers she died...and became a vampire.

After Matt (Zach Roerig) and Elena got into an accident and found their car submerged in the water, Elena insisted Stefan save Matt. Though she was ready to sacrifice herself, unbeknownst to all of them, Elena had been given vampire blood, which meant that post-death, she woke up, transitioning, and was faced with the choice of either feeding on blood and embracing her vampire side or dying.

Elena asks Alaric (Matt Davis) to erase her love for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) from her memories.

A heartbroken Elena couldn't cope with the grief of losing Damon (seemingly, for good), and so she begged Alaric to erase the love they shared from her mind.

Elena and Jeremy reminisce and get stoned.

So much of Elena's journey has been somber, but when Jeremy was prepping to go away, she and her brother had a lighter moment together: They got stoned, talked about their family (and joked about the concerning number of wrecked cars they've had), and simply got to be young and temporarily carefree.

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