'Vampire Diaries': 9 Head-Turning Developments From 'Dangerous Liaisons'

Vampire Diaries Dangerous Liasons Nina Dobrev - H 2012
Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

Vampire Diaries Dangerous Liasons Nina Dobrev - H 2012

The Originals hold a swanky ball in their Mystic Falls mansion on tonight's episode of The Vampire Diaries. By the end of the night, Elena discovers a shocking secret that puts her (and those around her) in a compromising decision.

The Hollywood Reporter highlights the top nine moments from "Dangerous Liaisons," and the episode's most quote-worthy soundbite:

[Warning: If you haven't watched Thursday's episode, do not read further. Major spoilers ahead.]

Elena Makes an Entrance: Poor Damon. After Elena makes a grand entrance at Klaus' mansion at the ball wearing a stunning gown fit for royalty, it's Stefan who makes the first move. The look alone that Damon gives is telling. (Bets on how long he was staring?) And after the two brothers feign annoyance that she didn't listen to their warning not to attend, it's Damon and Stefan who both take her by the arm leading right into the first dance -- first with Damon, then with Stefan. And the triangle lives on.

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Is the Old Stefan Back?: Elena and Stefan have a quiet moment away from the ball and she asks quite bluntly whether his No. 1 goal at the moment is to kill Klaus. "No you're not wrong," Stefan concedes. It's a heartbreaking moment between the two exes because it's clear Stefan still cares for Elena, no matter what he said or did in the past. A telling sign that old Stefan may be seeping back into his psyche: The fact that he isn't dictating what she can and can't do no matter how dangerous, a point she brings up. After the ball, Elena pressures Stefan to show her that he still cares, that he regrets how he treated her, but he can't because it's too much. "If I let myself care, all I feel is pain," he tells her before peacing out.

Klaus and Caroline Bond But She Figures Out His Game: Klaus is one slick hybrid. Not only does he get Caroline to essentially admit that she and Tyler aren't exactly on good terms, he (sort of) wins brownie points after telling a heartbreaking story about how his father killed his favorite horse with a sword. Turns out, Caroline is a fan of horses too. Later, Klaus shows Caroline his art and tells her he can take her anywhere (Paris, Tokyo among the locales), a win-win. But not so fast. Caroline figures out why Klaus is so intent on keeping an army of hybrids: because his father didn't love him, therefore he believes no one else can. That's one smart cookie. Things get more complicated when he sends over a hand drawing of Caroline and the horse following the ball. But what about poor Tyler?

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Esther Wants Elena's Help .. to Kill Klaus?: Klaus' mother Esther wasn't telling the whole truth when she said she wanted them all to be a family again because as Elena learns, she's gathered her children to link them all together with her blood. When all of them drink the blood-laced champagne, it automatically links them all; if one is killed, they all die. Easy as pie right? Esther admits that her children are "an abomination" and that it's her "duty to kill them" since she went against nature to create them in the first place. They all end up drinking the champagne and the bind is complete. That's unfortunate.

A Salvatore Says 'I Love You': Three words heard around the world. "I'm mad at you because I love you," Damon confesses to Elena. Is Damon starting to get too soft? Elena, and frankly some viewers, thinks so. "I care too much. I'm a liability. How ironic is that?," he says.

Matt Warms Rebekah Up: Rebekah's plan to kill Matt is foiled when she suddenly starts to connect with him. But Rebekah's brother ain't budging on the plan. It's Damon to the rescue before too much damage is done to Matt (who has a broken had and no health insurance?).

Jealousy Brews Among the Brothers: It's a minor scene near the beginning of the episode in the Gilbert house, but when the Salvatore brothers find themselves in a verbal fight -- all fueled by their love for Elena -- things get tense. "Can we go back in time to the old Stefan who cared about whether Elena lived or died?," Damon asks. "It's your job now," Stefan fires back. Ouch.

Matt Donovan: Star Quarterback and Mystic Falls' Rock?: It's become Matt's saving grace as of late. He's the only person in Mystic Falls not to have any type of supernatural power or inhibition. (Depending on your perspective, that's either a good or bad thing.) Unlike everyone else, who has to deal with true life or death situations, all Matt has to think about is making it to his shift at the Mystic Grill on time. So there he is, a shoulder to cry on for Elena.

Is Old Damon Back?: Sure enough, Damon seems to be back to his old ways, tearing it up with Rebekah after seeing her getting rejected by Matt by episode's end. Here we go again?

Best line of the night:

  • "It's some twisted Cinderella fetish is what it is." -- Caroline on the Originals' ball

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode? How do you think Esther's binding of her children will affect future developments? What is your verdict on a Klaus/Caroline and/or Matt/Rebekah pairing?

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on the CW.