'Vampire Diaries' Recap: The Impossible Kill

THR compiles the biggest storylines from Thursday's episode, "Monster's Ball."
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"The Vampire Diaries"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's episode.]

The Vampire Diaries spent Halloween with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Previously on The CW supernatural drama, Elena (Nina Dobrev) and co. were mourning the death of Bonnie (Kat Graham), Dr. Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) began his final stages of turning Jesse (Kendrick Sampson) into a vampire and Katherine's blood became the new cure for immortality, the one thing Silas is desperately after.

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The Hollywood Reporter compiles the biggest storylines from Thursday's episode, "Monster's Ball."

The quest to bring back Bonnie: The main arc centers on Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) mission to bring Bonnie back, whom he and and the rest of the gang discovered had sacrificed her life to revive Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) from the dead, and things get incredibly messy (and complicated). In Damon's mind, teaming up with Silas (Paul Wesley) is a great idea. Why? He can use Silas to kill himself, essentially, and in turn, bring back Bonnie from the "other side." But things aren't ever that simple. It just so happens all the necessary parties are attending another ball, and it's there that Elena -- still grieving over Bonnie's death -- grows distant from Damon, and this cements the fact that he needs to reunite Elena with her BFF.

Meanwhile, Silas wants to be reunited with Qetsiyah/Tessa (Janina Gavankar) whom he thinks knows where Katherine is, so he can be one step closer to being back with his lost love and he nearly ruins the whole ruse when Silas-as-Stefan almost slips up. This all happens after Damon snaps Stefan's neck. (Whoops! He'll do it once more.) Don't worry, Stefan returns the favor, by snapping Damon's neck after he awakens. After Qetsiyah realizes that it's been Silas she's been flirting with at the ball, she drains him of all his blood, leaving him for dead.

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The impossible kill: Ever since Katherine became human, it's been assumed that if her blood is drained, it would kill her. And so marks the show's latest ruse. After Katherine interrupts a Damon/Elena conversation at the Salvatore mansion, with the lifeless Silas on a couch nearby, she's ecstatic in knowing that she may have toppled the All Mighty Silas and escaped death for good. But Damon has other plans. After Katherine unsuccessfully pleads for him to spare her (she doesn't want to die after all), Damon shoves her neck down Silas' throat, draining her of her cure-laced blood. RIP Katherine. Not so fast, though. Moments later, Katherine suddenly awakens with her heart still thumping: "Am I in hell?"

Not-so-grand return: Though Caroline (Candice Accola) understood Tyler's (Michael Trevino) return to mean they could pick up where they left off, that didn't turn out to be the case. In fact, it was Tyler's way of saying goodbye. After a day spent gallivanting in the bedroom, Tyler breaks the news that the only reason they're in a "relationship" is because Klaus (Joseph Morgan) -- busy doing bad things on The Originals -- gave them permission. Caroline may be OK with that, but Tyler isn't; he breaks the heartbreaking news that his main purpose now is to make Klaus' life a living nightmare. Tyler/Caroline fans, better luck next time. But is this leaving the door open for Tyler to make an appearance in New Orleans?

Whitmore's new guy: New guy, Aaron (Shaun Sipos), is first seen at Whitmore College mourning his hometown friend Megan at the "sad" memorial set up at the school. Elena has obvious reasons to get closer to Aaron, who can be known as "the male version of Elena." (He seems to be suffering from survivor's guilt and everyone around him dies. Just like Elena.) It also turns out that biology professor Dr. Maxfield -- who had just turned lovely Jesse into a vampire (his reasoning TBD) -- is Aaron's legal guardian. What's the story there?

The Petrova family link: Nadia (Olga Fonda) and Katherine, whom Nadia had been holding hostage, are linked. After Nadia recalls a sob story about losing her mother in the 17th century, she tells the real story after Katherine calls her out on her white lie: her mother had abandoned them in 1492. That mother? Katherine Petrova, aka Katherine Pierce. Though Nadia believed that her mother abandoned her, she finds out that Katherine actually returned in 1498 in an attempt to find her daughter. Certainly adds a nice little wrinkle to everything.

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