'Vampire Diaries': 11 Top Moments, Including a Big Shocker, From 'My Brother's Keeper'

The Vampire Diaries My Brother's Keeper - P 2012
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The Vampire Diaries My Brother's Keeper - P 2012

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead from Thursday's episode.]

Whew, talk about an ending.

On the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Elena take the first steps toward being a (maybe) couple -- but Caroline's anti-Delena stance resonated throughout the entire episode, culminating in one bombshell: Elena could be sired to Damon and he could be aware of it. But is it always that simple? One ventures to guess no.

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It'll be another week before all is revealed, but in the meantime, here's a roundup of 11 top developments from "My Brother's Keeper":

8:02 p.m.: That didn’t take long for Stefan to spill the beans about Elena. Moments in, he reveals all. “Oh,” is all Damon can muster before going on a whole spiel about Jeremy, hunter’s marks and Professor Shane, but uh, Stefan isn’t tag-teaming with Damon just yet. Stefan lays down the law after his brother’s diatribe: “Let’s not pretend this isn’t the best day of your life.” Boom.

8:10 p.m.: One of the more fascinating developments to watch is the Jeremy vs. Elena battle. Jeremy, on his way to becoming a bonafide hunter, has a nightmare where he does the unthinkable: “I wish you’d stop acting like you were my sister,” dream Jeremy says before crushing Elena’s neck. That premonition comes into play later on when he actually does nearly kill her. Maybe Jeremy’s fear – that he is turning into Alaric (who had an alter ego) – does have substance to it.

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8:17 p.m.: Damon and Elena have a talk ahead of Miss Mystic Falls, wherein she spills the beans on why she and Stefan are no longer. It takes one simple word: “You.” Delena fans, are your hearts aflutter? Every subsequent look, moment and conversation will have that much more weight to it.

8:19 p.m.: It’s time for Mission: Make Elena Human Again, and Stefan’s recruited Jeremy. (Makes sense as each kill will make his hunter’s mark more complete.) Jeremy the Vampire Slayer makes his latest kill – and it is glorious.

8:29 p.m.: It’s a silent moment between Damon and Elena as the dance begins but it’s a significant one. After finding out Jeremy’s nightmare, Elena meets Damon’s glance and her look says it all: family or love?

8:35: It may have started as a ruse but the Caroline-Tyler-Hayley-Klaus square is starting to become a major issue for all involved parties.

8:38 p.m.: Professor Shane serves as the mythology master for the episode, explaining why he has Bonnie in his back pocket, the hunter’s mark and all that paranormal stuff.

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8:49 p.m.: Elena sums it up rather beautifully to Stefan, still desperate in his search for a cure: “If getting my humanity back means stripping Jeremy of his … You don’t have to love me like this. … Let me go.”

8:54 p.m.: So that’s who Hayley’s working with: Professor Shane.

8:55 p.m.: The second Damon-Elena chat results in a lovely dance at the Salvatore house and a passionate night in the bedroom afterward – but not before the following exchange.

Damon: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more alive.”
Elena: “That dance that they did today kinda reminded me of” –”
Damon: “—when we danced together?”
Elena: “I wanted to dance with you today.”

8:57 p.m.: Caroline’s hatred of the Damon and Elena relationship is magnified tenfold by episode's end. She puts two and two together, rattling off past events that had Elena going along with whatever Damon suggested, and introducing the possibility that maybe Elena is sired to Damon (much like Tyler was to Klaus). But is the allegation that Damon could have been aware of Elena’s blood bond -- and took advantage of it -- entirely accurate? And if he was, that could potentially open up an entire can of worms -- and it may not be a good thing. Will this keep Stefan with a glimmer of hope?

What do you think about the developments in this episode and what are your top moments?

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