'Vampire Diaries': Senior Prom Brings Out the Worst in Mystic Falls

Vampire Diaries Pictures of You Dobrev - H 2013
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Vampire Diaries Pictures of You Dobrev - H 2013

[Warning: Major spoilers from Thursday's episode, "Pictures of You."]

Oh the senior prom.

The Vampire Diaries went to great lengths in its return with the senior prom: bringing back two beloved characters, introducing Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) journey to New Orleans for potential spinoff The Originals and the cure landing in the hands of the most dangerous person ever.

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THR runs down the biggest story lines and developments from Thursday's episode, "Pictures of You":

Jeremy returns, sort of: Elena's (Nina Dobrev) younger brother is one of two people who make their way back to Mystic Falls. But wait a second, isn't he dead?! Let's start at the beginning: Bonnie (Kat Graham) is grieving over Jeremy's (Steven R. McQueen) unexpected death, and having visions of him at his grave site in her dreams -- to the point where she can't control her magic. It isn't before long that Jeremy somehow makes his way to the senior prom. Is Bonnie hallucinating? Nope, it's really him. (More on that later.) The two share a sweet dance outside. If only, things were that simple in Mystic Falls.

Rebekah's human test: After Rebekah (Claire Holt) tries to persuade Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to give her the cure, he gives her the ultimate test: to live the day as a human being. That means no compulsion, bloodlust or any type of vampire activity. In the end, Rebekah proves capable of fulfilling Elijah's test. Almost. See, after Elena goes after April (Grace Phipps) for prom-related grievances, leaving the innocent high schooler lifeless, Matt (Zach Roerig) asks Rebekah to do the human thing and let April drink her blood, effectively causing Rebekah to fail her task. She may have been thisclose to proving her "goodness," but at least Matt's opinion is now changed for the better. Is their romance being revisited?

Caroline's prom dress drama amuses Klaus: Klaus laughing is one of the rarest sights. Thankfully, Caroline (Candice Accola) -- who discovers that Elena stole her "hot" red prom dress -- brings the Original vampire to giggle incessantly after she tells him her Level 1 drama. Gotta love that Klaus. Caroline ends up with a spankin' new gold dress, courtesy of Klaus. Stefan's (Paul Wesley) right, Caroline has Klaus wrapped around her pretty little finger.

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Damon's words vs. Stefan's hands: The Salvatores' continue their complicated plan of action (there's a Plan A, B, C ...) to turn Elena's feelings back on, the brothers go about it differently. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) chooses to use his words (uttering the word "boyfriend" to trigger something in Elena) to get the job done while Stefan slow-dances with his ex, recalling happier times when they were together by touch. They're both unsuccessful. "What heart?" Elena questions. Score for Elena.

A human and a witch are prom royalty: Matt and Bonnie are named prom king and queen. Elena is so angry that her new BFF Rebekah wasn't named queen that she takes it out on poor April.

Tyler makes a triumphant return: He just couldn't miss senior prom. Unfortunately for Tyler (Michael Trevino), Klaus catches wind that he's back in town and runs into him just as he leaves after a romantic pseudo prom dance with Caroline. Bye bye Tyler, but will he be back?

Silas takes shape: Is Jeremy back from the dead? Is Damon really that angry at his brother? Unfortunately it's Silas, who tricks the Mystic Falls crew by embodying Jeremy, Damon, Stefan and Rebekah.

Elena nearly dies: It's no secret Bonnie has been struggling to control her magical powers, and it culminates in a battle against her bestie Elena in the high school parking lot. But Elena tries to kill Bonnie because it's the easiest way to cut off Silas' most important tool. Bonnie sums it up: "I almost died. The shell of my best friend almost killed me. None of this is OK!"

The cure changes hands: But to the wrong person: Silas! Elijah, what did you do?

Katherine changes the stakes: Just in time for The Originals. (Check out a 60-second trailer for the anticipated April 25 episode.) Katherine sends a message via handwritten letter to Klaus informing him of a witch in New Orleans who is planning an attack against him, hinting that what this witch has to say will "rattle" the usually unflappable Klaus to his core. So much so that he'll want to embark on this other journey than chase Katherine down. Hmmm.

Silas' face is revealed: We finally see Silas in all his glory, and sadly, it's only the final seconds of the episode where his true face surfaces from the shadows.

Notable quotable:

  • "Where's my brother you psychic freak!" - Damon to Silas, before Damon keels over

What are your thoughts on Thursday's return?

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