'Vampire Diaries' Boss on Life-Altering Finale, Goodbyes and Season 5

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Graduation is upon us.

As The Vampire Diaries closes out its fourth season against the backdrop of Elena's (Nina Dobrev) high school graduation, The CW drama promises to answer a slew of questions introduced at the start of the year (see: the cure). With ghosts of characters past staying in the picture (and Bonnie possibly dead), Mystic Falls may be in for a wild ride.

STORY: 'Vampire Diaries' Boss on Life-Altering Finale, Goodbyes and Season 5

"The fun of the finale is going to be answering all those questions that are lingering," executive producer/showrunner Julie Plec tells The Hollywood Reporter. "What does Elena feel? Who's going to take that cure? What's going to happen to Silas? Will these characters get to graduate? Will the ghosts stick around? Will we have to say goodbye all over again to the people that we love?"

In a chat with THR, Plec discusses the events of graduation, the fate of the cure (yes, someone takes it!) and whether viewers will be saying goodbye to even more people.

The Hollywood Reporter: They finally make it to graduation! What can you say about the monumental event?

Julie Plec: It comes right at the middle of impending jeopardy but it was also really important to me to be able to, in that true tentpole moment kind of way, let these characters get this moment and put on their cap and gown and graduate. We had the best of both worlds.

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THR: It's been hinted that someone will take the cure. Can you offer any nuggets?

Plec: All I can say is that a vampire will no longer be a vampire by the time we get to season five.

THR: Will that be the big season five arc?

Plec: It'll be a part of it, that's for sure.

THR: Where do the events of the finale leave Elena, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley)?

Plec: Definitely everything will have changed for them by the time the season is over. It sets up a very clear choice that gets made and very big life moves that alter all three of their lives pretty dramatically.

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THR: We've lost a few characters over the course of the season. Should we expect more bloodshed?

Plec: There are some goodbyes definitely, but more in the context of "See you later." Whether that means we might see them again from the other side or whether that means they die, there is no curl up in your room, cry your head off grief that could top Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) dying in the middle of the season. We certainly wouldn't want to put the audience through that again but not everybody remains in where you think they might remain.

Watch a scene from Thursday's finale:

The Vampire Diaries wraps up season four at 8 p.m. Thursday on The CW.

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