'Vampire Diaries': Ian Somerhalder on Where He Sees Damon Going in Season 4 (Video)

Still reeling over last night's action-packed Vampire Diaries season finale?

Series star Ian Somerhalder dropped by the THR Cover Lounge to offer some ideas of his own as to where he thought Damon could (and should) go in the new season.

With Elena in the middle of a transition, literally and figuratively, and choosing Damon's brother Stefan when given the ultimate choice, Somerhalder was keen on having Damon be less ... brooding.

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"It would be really nice if he could stop pining a little bit. That would be helpful," he told The Hollywood Reporter. With how things ended for Elena by season's end, it may be rough waters for Damon and company when season four picks up.

Another season four wish? Bring back more of Damon's humor, which viewers saw tastes of in last night's finale.

"It would be nice to bring the levity back that Damon once had," Somerhalder shared. "I think it's important for him. I think it's important for the show."

But if none of it happens, all he wants is this: Damon as a comedy act, a la Jerry Seinfeld. Wouldn't you pay to see that?

Vampire Diaries returns for season four this fall.