'Vampire Diaries' Premiere: Silas Takes Over Mystic Falls

The CW drama opens up its fifth season with Elena and Caroline heading off to college, Jeremy getting into heaps of trouble, and Damon playing house.
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"The Vampire Diaries"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from the season five premiere.]

"I've just got this weird feeling, like, something bad's about to happen."

Isn't that always the case on The Vampire Diaries?

The CW drama kicked off season five with a raucous premiere that updated everyone on what our beloved characters in Mystic Falls have been up to all summer.

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Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are lovey-dovey, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is adjusting to being alive again, Bonnie's (Kat Graham) dictating emails to her friends, Matt (Zach Roerig) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are jet-setting all over Europe, Katherine's still human, and Stefan's (Paul Wesley) still stuck underwater.

But alas, just like Elena forecasts, things in Mystic Falls get complicated -- and fast.

The Hollywood Reporter highlights the top storylines from the Oct. 3 premiere.

Hello, college! "We actually made it." Yes, Caroline. Yes, you did. Caroline and Elena enter the next phase of their lives at nearby Whitmore College, the same university Aunt Jenna attended and Sheila Bennett taught at. At first, things are fine and dandy, until they realize there's a third roommate, Megan (Hayley Kiyoko), who spoils their ideal living situation. Being vamps and all, this could hinder their transition into becoming "functional vampires" -- and it sure does. After they attend their first college party -- and after Caroline accidentally drinks Megan's vervain water, aka "protein water" (oops), which results in Megan's bloody death, likely at the hands of a vampire (but the school says it's a suicide) -- it's confirmed that someone at Whitmore is out to get them. Turns out, Megan has ties to Elena's father. Talk about fishy.

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Silas gains control over Mystic Falls: While Stefan is still locked in the underwater tomb, his doppelganger starts to make the rounds. First, Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre), then he drops by the Salvatores' home to check in on Damon. It takes Jeremy's Spidey senses to bring Damon to realize that it's really Silas who came home. The clue? That Silas was searching for Katherine. And he was this close. Then, at an "end of summer" event (because why not), Bonnie's father and town mayor Rudy Hopkins (Rick Worthy) addresses the crowd, telling the townspeople that he's consumed a considerable amount of blood -- enough that he can Jedi-mindtrick an entire gathering. Then, he slits the mayor's throat -- right in front of Bonnie. Just cruel. Mystic Falls is now in the palm of his hands.

Stefan hallucinates: Poor Stefan. Being stuck in a box certainly doesn't suit him. While everyone else thinks that Stefan's left town to deal with a broken heart, he's really fighting for his life. Thanks, Silas. Stefan hallucinates a conversation with Damon, who urges him to turn off his humanity, but his brother isn't into the idea. Then Stefan hallucinates a chat with Elena, who talks him into keeping his faith alive: "Your humanity is the one thing that makes you who you are. Don't let go. Please Stefan, for me." Is there hope yet for "Stelena"?

Damon and Elena do the long-distance thing: After a summer of doing couple-y things, "Delena" seem to be going strong, and at the moment, it seems like their current state may actually work out.

Katherine isn't handling being a human well: Looks like being injected with the cure for vampirisim isn't really working for Katherine, who's looking incredibly frazzled. And who is the first person who picks up on it? Damon, of course. Some of her biggest worries? She can't seem to hold her liquor, she has blisters from running in heels, and she doesn't want to die. (Duh.) Katherine's vulnerability hits a chord with Damon, who still has some semblance of affection toward Katherine, who in turn wants Damon's protection from the people who want her dead.

Caroline and Tyler are dunzo: Who else saw this coming? Tyler (Michael Trevino) doesn't make a cameo in the premiere, unless you count his phone message at the end of the episode, but it doesn't look like Caroline and Tyler are in the cards. His excuse? A werewolf pack really, really needs his help. Even he admits that it's "lame" to break up over the phone, but he does it anyway. Minus 500 points. Bye, Tyler. Hello, Jesse (Kendrick Sampson)?

Matt and Rebekah end their "no strings" pact: Talk about summer lovin'. The pair decide to part ways after months of three-ways and random rendezvous in Europe. When they return to Mystic Falls, Rebekah tries to lure Matt away from his job at the Mystic Grill (he needs a paycheck, after all) and follow her to what we presume is New Orleans. After Rebekah leaves, Matt reunites with Nadia (Olga Fonda) -- the same girl they had a threesome with in Prague -- but she's not alone. Moments later, his eyes go black.

Jeremy gets expelled and nearly dies (again): So much for taking care of Elena's younger brother, Damon. Jeremy gets kicked out of high school after beating the living daylight out of a bully at school. Afterward, he and Katherine get into a really bad car accident that literally causes sparks to fly. Katherine peaces out, while Jeremy is left tending to his wounds. Ouch. Damon also doesn't tell Elena about the troubles surrounding Mystic Falls. Something says that won't go over well.

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