'Vampire Diaries': Steven R. McQueen Previews Jeremy's Journey in Season 3 (Video)

As the return of The Vampire Diaries nears, where does that leave Jeremy?

At the end of last season, the youngest Gilbert was shot by Sheriff Forbes and brought back to life. But that wasn't the only thing. The season closed with Jeremy having visions of dead ex-girlfriends Vicki and Anna -- and as Steven R. McQueen hinted to The Hollywood Reporter, there's something else at work.

"Not to quote a movie, but, 'I'm seeing dead people,' " he told THR. "I obviously can't give too much away because the writers up are there with sniper rifles. Having a connection with death and seeing faces that I haven't seen in a while frees him up."

With Jeremy's past coming back in full force, McQueen says things will be tricky with Bonnie. "Any time there's a new dynamic in any situation, it complicates things. At the end of the day, they really care for each other," he said. In fact, it was Bonnie that helped bring Jeremy back from knocking on death's door.

After shouldering two seasons of heavy storylines, the third will reveal a lighter side to Jeremy, who will be working alongside Matt at the Mystic Grill. "He's just got more of a snappy sense of humor this season," McQueen shared.

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