'Veep's' David Mandel and Matt Walsh Talk Finale, Season 6 and Cast Chemistry: "It's a No-Asshole Set"

THRDavidMandel_Veep_Still_Split - H 2016
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THRDavidMandel_Veep_Still_Split - H 2016

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season-five finale of Veep, "Inauguration."]

David Mandel and Matt Walsh kicked off their chat with The Hollywood Reporter by setting the record straight on two burning viewer questions about Sunday's game-changing Veep finale.

No, that was not the series finale (Veep has already been renewed for a sixth season at HBO) and none of the castmembers have been fired in real life.

"Everyone will be back except Matt Walsh," joked Mandel, who wrapped his first season as showrunner after taking over from creator Armando Iannucci, during THR's Facebook Live chat on Tuesday.

"Oh my god, you're telling people live!" Walsh replied. "This is really surprising."

"Everyone will be back. They just will be back in different ways," assured Mandel, adding to Walsh about his bumbling character, "But you in particular are harder to employ."

Walsh, who plays the now-former press secretary Mike McClintock, found his TV character out of a job in the finale. Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) lost the presidency, and subsequently her opportunity to return as vice president, in a surprisingly heartbreaking episode. Replaced by President Laura Montez (Andrea Savage), Meyer and her staff are kicked out of the White House for the first time on the Emmy-winning political satire, sending Mandel and his writers into uncharted storytelling territory — an event that Louis-Dreyfus has taken to calling "Selexit" on Twitter.


Have questions about the VEEP finale? Showrunner David Mandel and Matt Walsh are answering LIVE now!

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

When Mandel and Walsh sat down with THR for the 30-minute chat (above), they answered a slew of fan questions about the finale and what lies ahead.

"You'll get a sense of where these people are starting and some of the fun will be putting the band together," says Mandel, who started working with the writers on the new season only yesterday. "There's a lot of Veep left. She just doesn't happen to be the veep."

The next phase will be Selina Meyer trying to figure out how to stay relevant, as Mandel continues to dump post-presidency fodder onto his former commander in chief. As for Walsh's Mike, the unemployed staffer is also a new dad with a "6-year-old baby" and two more on the way. "I think he'll be a great father," says Walsh. "He's very loving." 

Mandel, who says "on a show of horrible people, he's not horrible," adds that he could picture Mike as a stay-at-home dad who might even blog about the experience.

While fielding questions about which character is the most fun to write for, which actor is best at coming up with insults and how much of the show's delightfully dirty lines are improvised, Mandel and Walsh praised the cast's camaraderie, agreeing: "It's a no-asshole set."

Walsh also stepped into character to play a game of What Would Mike Do to answer how he would spin several hypothetical PR-nightmare scenarios, including what he would tell the press if Selina Meyer was caught hooking up with one of Jonah Ryan's (Timothy Simons) hot new interns and whether or not he would ever let Donald Trump tweet.

Watch the full chat above to find out more Veep secrets, fun facts and what lies ahead — and check out THR's full season coverage here.