'Veep': Watch All 10 of Jonah Ryan's Campaign Ads

"It's going to take an outsider with an insider's knowledge to fix this sick country," says the TV character in a spot posted on his website.
'Veep's' Jonah Ryan

Jonah Ryan for Congress — the real site about the fake political character Jonah Ryan on Veep — has posted more ads for its New Hampshire candidate.

On the Emmy-winning HBO show, Jonah (Timothy Simons) has been chosen by Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her inner circle to run for Congress, and running alongside the TV storyline has been a fake real-life campaign, complete with a nearly fully functioning website and newspaper ads in a local New Hampshire newspaper.

Viewers got a peek at one of Jonah's TV ads during a focus group scene earlier in the season, but the minds behind the show have created several more spots. In one of the latest ads, Jonah, who uses the slogans "I'm Listening" and "New Ideas for Now," is seen explaining to a young boy why a bald eagle that represents America is sick.

"That great eagle is sick of all the bureaucracy and red tape that's choking it to death," says Jonah.

When the boy asks who can help the bird, Jonah says: not just anyone. "It's going to take an outsider with an insider's knowledge to fix this sick country."

On Sunday's episode, Jonah was — spoiler alert! — actually elected to Congress. Now that he's won, the website has updated to read: "Thank you New Hampshire! You'll be hearing from me!" 

Veep has long poked fun at the slogans, jargon and campaigning tactics scene in real-life politics — before this season began, the Australian prime minister appeared to borrow a slogan from President Meyer, "Continuity and Change," leaving Dreyfus "dumbstruck."

"It's what any candidate does, putting words together they don’t particular believe," Veep showrunner and executive producer David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter. "And that’s what Selina does, too. It’s slogan-like substance: it sounds like a slogan, so it is a slogan."

Watch all 10 of Jonah's ads, including "The Sick Eagle" spot, below.

June 12, 8 p.m. PT: Updated with Jonah's win from Sunday's episode