'Veep' Star to Guest on Real 'CBS This Morning'

Veep  - Scott Reid - Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of Justin M. Lubin/HBO

"I'm Danny Egan. See you in the tomorrow."

That's the signoff Reid Scott has been using ever since his Veep character, Dan Egan, landed a gig on the fictional CBS This Morning. Scott has been playing the morning show co-host, alongside Margaret Colin, since Veep's sixth season premiere. Now, only a few episodes in — the fourth airs Sunday night — the actor has already scored an invite to appear on the real CBS morning show. 

Scott, decked out in CBS show gear, took to Twitter to make the announcement and CBS This Morning had some fun of their own in response. "Monday he gets his shot at the real thing," wrote the show from its official Twitter handle.

"They didn't ask us anything about doing it but they use our graphics, a lot of our story bars, I think it's really cool," said CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King while teasing Scott's upcoming Monday visit.

The current season of the HBO comedy follows ex-president Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). For the first time since the show began, she is no longer in the White House and her staff has been scattered. While some stayed in politics, Dan, now known as "Danny" on TV, is one staffer who branched out.

"Very early on [when coming up with the season], we locked in on the idea that Selina would be interviewed by Dan and that we would reveal Dan has landed at the CBS morning show, a la George Stephanopoulos," Veep showrunner David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter after the premiere, which jumped ahead one year to catch up with the ex-POTUS after her loss. "We created this world of CBS This Morning — and, by the way I love that we get to call it that — and get to dip our toe into another side of Veep that hasn’t been as explored in the past, which is the media and the morning-show entertainment side of things, and the wonderful politics that go on."

Dan's anchor gig has kept him connected to the continuing Washington, D.C., storylines, now that he gets to report on the news-making events that come out of Selina and her camp. 

"It was very enjoyable to give Reid a big story and Dan really shines this season," added Mandel. "Every year, certain stories pop, and this is just a really funny story because we really did create a world." 

Scott is one of several show stars whose character crosses over from fiction to reality, as the series has continued with its elaborate Easter egg campaign launched year. Selina's Meyer Fund has a living, breathing website, along with a hub for Congressman Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) and blog for Selina's chief of staff Richard Splett (Sam Richardson) that continue to be updated in real time.


On Monday morning while making his appearance, Scott indeed got his chance. He kicked off his visit by reading the news prompter and taking viewers through the day's top stories.

Seated at the table alongside the real show co-hosts, he explained how his CBS gig on Veep came to fruition.

"It was a joke from last season where Dan, my character, sleeps with Amy's sister because when she tells him she works at CVS the pharmacy, he thinks she says CBS," Scott told the co-hosts of the gag. He then asked her, "Can you get me a job there?"

See photos and video of his appearance below.