'Veep' Takes Out Ad for Jonah Ryan in New Hampshire Newspaper

Jonah Ryan For Congress H 2016

Jonah Ryan has taken out a full-page ad in one of his local newspapers, the New Hampshire Union LeaderThere's only one problem: The political candidate is a fictional character who is running for U.S. Congress on the TV show Veep.

On the Emmy-winning HBO series, Jonah, who is played by Timothy Simons, is newly running for Congress in the state of New Hampshire. Since the plotline began two episodes ago, Jonah and his campaign have taken on a life of its own.

The Vote for Jonah Ryan advertisement in the Union Leader shows a cleaned-up version of the character, bears his slogan ("I'm Listening") and directs voters to his campaign site, JonahRyanForCongress.com.

No stranger to the Easter egg, the creative minds behind Veep launched the website last week and the Jonah Ryan hub has all the makings of an actual campaign site — with TV ads, events listings and prompts to both volunteer and donate to the campaign. (Read more about Veep's elaborate social media campaign here.)

On Veep, Jonah functions as one of the most disliked political lackeys in Selina Meyer's (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) motley crew of staffers. His entire run is a big inside joke — he was selected because the party needed a placeholder to help steer the election vote in Meyer's favor — which makes the seriousness of his campaign in the real world all the more enjoyable for fans to track. 

But to Jonah, this is no joke.

"The one thing you can say about the Jonah character and the way Tim plays him," Veep showrunner and executive producer David Mandel told The Hollywood Reporter, "he does not lack confidence in his own ability, not necessarily to do a job, but his confidence in his own ability to get in somewhere and burrow in like a tick. Like a lot of these guys you do meet in D.C., he’s got an 80-part plan, he’s already writing his autobiography, and this is just one of the many steps in his rise to power."

See the ad below and check back for THR's weekly Veep coverage here.

Photo: AdWeek