Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals Rare 'Veep' Blooper of Tony Hale Scene

While promoting the final season of the HBO political comedy, the star and executive producer gave viewers a first-ever look at an outtake with her onscreen bagman.
Courtesy of HBO
Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in 'Veep' season six

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is giving viewers a rare behind-the-scenes look at one of her all-time favorite Veep scenes with onscreen bagman Tony Hale — a moment that had her howling so hard, the pair struggled to get through the scene.

The moment came in an episode of the last season of the HBO political comedy when Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus) let Gary Walsh (Hale) stay in her home after the duo suffered near-simultaneous heart attacks

In the season-six scene, Selina (who never cooks a meal) brings Gary a dinner she cobbled together from old leftovers and sits next to him in a twin bed. When Gary politely forces the rancid meal down and tells her he loves the blue cheese, she tells him, "No, there isn't any blue cheese in there."

When stopping by The Tonight Show to promote the seventh and final season of Veep on Thursday, the star and executive producer told Jimmy Fallon she brought with her the first-ever Veep blooper reel to show viewers how hard she and Hale worked to nail the scene.

In the never-before-seen outtake (watch the censored-for-broadcast clip, below), both Hale and Louis-Dreyfus break into fits of laughter after the blue cheese line. "Fuck me," the actress says through hysterics, as Hale flips between sounds of moans and laughter. "How am I supposed to endure this bullshit? I'm sitting next to a circus act."

When introducing the clip, Louis-Dreyfus, whose cancer is currently in remission, spoke about how emotional it was to film the final episode of the series. The final season of Veep delayed production after Louis-Dreyfus was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in September 2017. The much-anticipated last seven episodes of the acclaimed comedy return on March 31 and will see the ex-president campaigning for another shot at the Oval Office.

When speaking of her longtime scene partner Hale, Louis-Dreyfus said, "He's impossible to work with because he's so funny. We’ve known each other now a really long time so we are constantly losing our shit on the show and laughing. I think we enjoy the material more than the audience! We really (laughs) are digging our show."