Julia Louis-Dreyfus Urges Millennials to Vote as 'Veep's' Selina Meyer

"Former President Selina Meyer here, with a message for millennial voters."
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as 'Veep's' Selina Meyer

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stepped into character to dole out some solid advice for young citizens on Friday.

Speaking directly to millennial voters as Veep's Selina Meyer, the actress — with help from her onscreen aide Gary (Tony Hale) — urged America's youth to hit the polls on Nov. 8 in a 30-second Rock the Vote PSA, shared by Veep and Louis-Dreyfus on Twitter.

"Apparently the reason I lost the election was that young people didn't turn out to vote," says the former TV president, referencing the events of the fifth season of the HBO comedy. Gary, however, quickly corrects his liege to add that old people didn't vote for her either, plus it was cold on Election Day.

"So, the two reasons I lost: weather, which I can't control; and millennial apathy, which you can," she says. "When you don't vote, you're giving your power to someone else. Someone probably less informed and more motivated. So please vote, this matters."

When Gary asks her if this means she is running again, she shoots him down with a quick no. "Then why do we care?" he asks. "Because of everything I just said," she snaps.

In the game-changing fifth season finale that aired this summer, Veep dashed all of the politician's hopes and dreams when she lost the presidency. "We’re going to get to see the former president of the United States in the next stage of her career and to some extent, the quest for relevancy," showrunner David Mandel told THR at the time about the sixth season.

Earlier this week, Louis-Dreyfus — who endorsed Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention this summer — took aim at Donald Trump (echoing words spoken to THR earlier in the election season) comparing her "bombastic, woman-hating, narcissistic politician" to a reality that no one "really wants."

“Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall, his pervy love of Putin, and fake colleges he can bankrupt for profit," says the actress in a video for NextGen Climate, which has also courted Aziz Ansari, Ben Affleck and Natalie Portman to spread its message. "One thing he doesn’t talk much about is climate change, because he doesn’t believe in it — and because it doesn’t have a grabbable pussy.”

She then urged voters to "take a break from Pokemon Go — if that's still a thing?" and vote for Clinton.