'Veronica Mars' Creator Open to Continuing Series After Hulu Revival

The forthcoming revival of Veronica Mars on Hulu may not be the last viewers see of the character. 

On Saturday at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, series creator Rob Thomas said he’d be willing to continue the show beyond the eight episodes airing next month on Hulu. 

“Although in saying that, I feel like I’m giving away that Veronica [Kristen Bell] survives,” he joked. “So don’t get too comfortable.”

As was the case with the limited Hulu run, though, whether the series continues will partly be a question of logistics. 

“Kristen and I had full schedules, and a lot of it was finding a window” where they and the rest of the show’s core cast were available, Thomas said. He also joked that as the cast continues to age, the series could turn into a 21st century version of Murder, She Wrote.

The crowd at Austin's Paramount Theater was treated to a clip from the revival — including a scene between Veronica and her dad, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), and a racy exchange between her and Logan (Jason Dohring) on the beach — that Colantoni was seeing for the first time. The actor said he felt a little self-conscious watching it.

With revivals, Colantoni said, "you always hear about actors being so happy and self-aware" about returning to characters they've played before. "I just noticed how happy I was."

Thomas said that following the Kickstarter-funded feature film in 2014, he and Bell kept in touch, and the idea of doing a limited run appealed to them both. The Hulu season consists of eight episodes in which Veronica will focus on a single case: the killing of a spring breaker in Neptune, California, against a backdrop of class conflict in the town that has been prevalent throughout the series. 

The revival will also find Veronica at a pivotal moment in her life, Thomas said: "There are a lot of stories about men at a crossroads — family, mortgage, responsibility down one path, and freedom from all that down the other. I was interested in putting Veronica at that crossroads and having her figure out what she wants."

The limited budget for the movie didn't allow for the reconstruction of sets from the show. That's not the case for the Hulu series, and Thomas said he got emotional walking into the Mars Investigations office the first time he went to the set.

"It was such a joy," he said. "It felt like home."

Hulu also secured streaming rights to the prior seasons of Veronica Mars and has finally set a date for their debut on the service: All three seasons will be available July 1.

The eight-episode revival will debut all at once on July 26.