'Veronica Mars': All There Is to Know About Season 4 on Hulu

Veronica Mars Set Visit One - H 2014
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Veronica Mars Set Visit One - H 2014

Just when she thought she was out, Veronica Mars is back in. 

The now grown-up private detective played by Kristen Bell will return to screens on Hulu in 2019 for an eight-episode limited series. The new season comes 15 years after the show debuted on UPN in 2004 and became a cult favorite across three seasons (the last on The CW after UPN and The WB merged) and a feature film. 

As the revival gears up, bookmark this page as a one-stop shop for all the details about Veronica Mars' return.

How it happened

Word of a possible revival first surfaced in August, when Bell and series creator Rob Thomas signed on for a new season at Hulu. A month later, it was a done deal, as Hulu picked up eight episodes that will find Veronica working a fresh case in her hometown of Neptune, California.

Hulu has also acquired streaming rights to the previous three seasons of Veronica Mars and the Kickstarter-funded 2014 feature film; they'll appear on the service in summer 2019. The new episodes will likely come sometime after that, though Hulu hasn't announced a date for the show yet.

Production wrapped in March 2019.

Who's back, who's new

In addition to Bell, series regulars Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel), Francis Capra (Eli "Weevil" Navarro) and Enrico Colantoni (Veronica's dad, Keith Mars) will all return. David Starzyk, who appeared in a handful of episodes as Richard Casablancas, the father of Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen), will also appear.

And where the elder Casablancas goes, so does his son: Hansen will return to play Dick Casablancas in a recurring role.

Max Greenfield is also returning as Leo D'Amato. The one-time Neptune sheriff's deputy was last seen in the feature film as a San Diego PD detective, helping Veronica on a case. 

Additionally, Ryan Devlin revealed on Instagram that he will reprise his role as Mercer Hayes, last seen in season three when Veronica outed him as a serial rapist.

The first new cast member to sign on is Dawnn Lewis (A Different World, Major Crimes), who will recur as Neptune's police chief, Marcia Langdon (the town has incorporated since the series' first run ended). Langdon is part of the larger Mars-verse, having appeared in Thomas' novel The Thousand Dollar Tan Line (see below); Lewis recurred on season four of Thomas' CW series iZombie.

Patton Oswalt will recur as Penn Epner, a pizza delivery guy and true-crime devotee who finds himself thrust into the spotlight and will milk his 15 minutes for every drop.

Oscar winner J.K. Simmons will play an ex-con named Clyde Prickett, an ex-con who protected Big Dick Casablancas (Starzyk) in prison and now works as his fixer.

American Vandal star Tyler Alvarez — whose Netflix show, incidentally, filmed some of its first season at the same high school Veronica Mars' first two seasons used as a location — will also recur as a member of the PCH biker gang.

Former Major Crimes star Mary McDonnell will have a guest role as a therapist — though Hulu won't say whom the character is treating (there are, frankly, a lot of candidates).

Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place, Barry) also has a part in the new episodes as a character named Nicole.

Behind the camera, Thomas will be joined by series veterans Diane Ruggiero-Wright (writer and executive producer) and Dan Etheridge (executive producer). Newcomers to the writers room include Heather V. Regnier and David Walpert, who have worked with Thomas on iZombie and the 2009 Cupid, respectively; NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is also guest-starring on iZombie's final season; and author Raymond Obstfeld, who has collaborated with Abdul-Jabbar on several books.

The new case

Spring breakers are being murdered in Neptune, imperiling the town's tourist industry. When a victim's family hires Mars Investigations, Veronica is drawn into the class divide between the town's wealthy "09ers," who would rather see the spring break crowd go away, and working-class residents, who depend on the partyers spending to keep their businesses afloat. 

The spring-break setting is similar to that of The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, but he has stressed that the onscreen mystery will be different. Characters and details from Thomas' books, however, will be incorporated into the series.

Thomas also said the "nostalgic" tone of the movie will be absent from the new season. Instead, it will be "hardcore So-Cal noir. One big case. Eight episodes to tell the story. This is a detective show."

The episodes

Per a tweet from the Veronica Mars writers, the first episode is titled "Spring Break Forever." Thomas wrote it, and  Michael Lehmann (Snowfall, The Larry Sanders Show, the Heathers feature film) is directing. The opening scene appears to take place at the front gate of a mansion, based on a photo of a partial script page. 

The trailers

The first teaser, released in May, reintroduces Veronica (and her trusty Taser), with Bell giving voice-over narration about her back story and sketching the outlines of the case and the players, while also showcasing some of the show's trademark sarcasm and the relationship between Veronica and Keith.

A second, longer trailer dropped on June 14 and goes into further detail about the bombings while also showcasing more of Veronica and Logan's relationship, Dick declaring himself "king of spring break" and very strongly hinting that J.K. Simmons' Clyde may very well have something to do with the crimes. Both trailers are below.