'Veronica Mars' Movie: Latest Footage Is Generous With Plot Details (Video)

A new featurette for the 2014 film unloads a lot of backstory, while interviews with the cast attempt to settle the debate of Logan vs. Piz.
"Veronica Mars"

Fans and Kickstarter backers hoping to be kept in the dark regarding the plot of the upcoming Veronica Mars movie may want to click away.

Creator Rob Thomas sent a new four-minute reel to backers on Monday afternoon, which, unlike the Comic-Con trailer, is much more forthcoming with details of the film's setup. Veronica (Kristen Bell), happily living with Piz (Chris Lowell) is summoned back to Neptune not by her 10-year reunion -- but by Logan (Jason Dohring) being charged with murdering a pop star.

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Tempering the news a bit for viewers -- Veronica Mars fans, historically, have not been kind to Piz -- the clip also includes cast members weighing in on the debate of which leading man is best-suited to the titular heroine. (Their answers should not come as much of a surprise.)

Thomas also used his latest update to talk about the movie's first test screening, which took place in Los Angeles last week.

"The crowd reaction was everything I hoped for," writes Thomas. "People were laughing and gasping and cheering. As a TV writer, I rarely get to experience audience reaction. I could get used to that feeling. Our distribution partners at Warner Bros. were also very pleased by the feedback and excited about the movie."

Veronica Mars Movie: Love Triangle from Veronica Mars on Vimeo.