Vice TV Sets Drag-Racing Series 'Donkmaster' (Exclusive)

Donkmaster - VICE TV Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of VICE TV

Vice TV is revving up for a new drag-racing series titled Donkmaster.

The weekly half-hour series will follow the "high-stakes subculture of Donk racing," where "classic American cars on insanely huge rims [are] pushed to the extreme for big money," through the eyes of Sage "Donkmaster" Thomas, who is called the Michael Jordan of Donk racing.

The sport largely takes place in the South, from Florida to Baton Rouge. Every weekend, Thomas goes to a new city, where he competes with its fastest drivers, such as Ezzy Money, CEO Larri and Rozay, for the chance to win thousands. 

"There are lots of car shows out there, but only one Donkmaster, and not many can keep up on the track or in the garage with Sage," said Morgan Hertzan, executive vp and general manager at Vice Television. "We’re excited to bring our viewers the best car show on television introducing an exhilarating racing subculture and a motorsport that's way more than just engines and cars." 

Added executive producer Michael Hoff: "This is a massive, amazing world with high stakes, huge characters, and incredible action. It was right in front of everyone, but no one was covering it. We're thrilled to shine a light on this incredible racing scene and the king of the sport — Donkmaster."

South Carolina-based Thomas built his first "Donk" at age 16 under the guidance of his Uncle Buggy. He developed a passion these classic cars, which are described as "supercharged, candy colored, chrome-plated showstopper," and opened a shop, In & Out Customs, in Charleston, S.C. 

Since being introduced to the Donk racing scene in Florida more than 20 years ago, Thomas and his Skittle Pack crew have traveled to various cities and states to prove they have the fastest Donks. With a record of 30-2, he has a target on his back, as purses as large as $50,000 for a single race are up for grabs. 

The series, which will premiere at 10:30 p.m. Aug. 19, is produced by Hoff Productions in association with Covert Media for Vice TV, Michael Hoff serves as executive producer, along with Alex Hoff and Jeff Frey for Hoff Productions and Paul Hanson, Derek Gordon, Imani Shakur and Sasha Shapiro for Covert Media. Patrick Moses serves as executive producer and Harlin Lawal as development producer for Vice.

Watch the trailer below.